How to Self-Detect Hair Loss

Hair loss has become one of the most pressing concerns for many middle-aged individuals and some young people. The quest for answers to the perplexing question, "Why am I losing my hair?" has led almost everyone experiencing hair loss on a journey to seek medical advice.

Tackling Nail-Biting in Children with These Ten Strategies

Nail-biting is a common concern among parents, with many children starting this habit from preschool and continuing into their school years. Despite parents’ efforts, it remains a challenging behavior to correct. Chronic nail-biting or chewing on the skin around the nails can lead to deformed nails, bleeding wounds, paronychia (nail bed inflammation), calluses, and even misaligned teeth. Some children bite not only their fingernails but also their toenails, with some continuing the behavior into middle school. read more

Is Shoulder Pain Always Rotator Cuff Tendinitis?

As we age, our bodies are prone to minor ailments. Middle age often brings stiffness to many joints, making lifting heavy objects increasingly challenging, with arms and shoulders feeling unyielding and sometimes painful.

Seven Key Strategies for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

In recent years, cardiovascular diseases have persistently held the title of the "world's leading health killer," accounting for over 40% of all deaths. Studies indicate that proactive primary prevention can postpone the onset of cardiovascular diseases by a decade.

Three Behaviors That Can Significantly Harm the Prostate

The prostate is a male reproductive organ primarily composed of prostatic tissue and muscle tissue. Its main function is to secrete prostatic fluid, which is an essential component of semen. The quality of sperm is closely related to the health of the prostate.

Can You Exercise with Knee Pain?

Contrary to the belief that one should exercise more when experiencing knee pain, this is not correct. read more

Habits That Accelerate Knee Aging

It is a common saying that "legs age before the rest of the body," and there are frequent claims online that human joints have a lifespan of only 60 years. But is this really true?

Three Abnormal Signs in Urination Indicative of Renal Issues

The significance of kidney health to the human body cannot be understated, as the kidneys play a pivotal role in metabolism, maintaining endocrine balance, and facilitating the excretion of toxins. With the relentless pace of modern life and changing lifestyles, the incidence of kidney diseases has shown an alarming upward trend. Severe conditions such as uremia have also become increasingly prevalent, underscoring the importance of kidney care for everyone. read more

Maintaining Kidney Health: Practical Tips for a Vibrant Life

The kidneys play a pivotal role in our overall health, acting as the body's natural filtration system. If your kidneys are functioning optimally, consider yourself fortunate and aim to maintain their well-being.