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You may not likely be able to appreciate what a gout attack is until you experience one; and just the way it sounds – it is an actual attack. Many medical experts actually consider gout as a severe kind of arthritis, and it is much more painful than arthritis. Many patients confessed to crying silently […]

Gout as a form of arthritic condition can appear in anybody irrespective of the age and body type; however the disease is found frequenting men of more than middle age and some women in their post-menopausal state. The existence of gout is an old one and since its initial years of emergence till today, Colchicine […]

Gout as it is commonly known amongst the patients is a kind of arthritic attack which is accompanied by excruciating pain, swelling, inflammation which leads to complete or partial immobility of the joints and at the same time drive patients for effective and long lasting relief which comes in various shapes, sizes and differences, depending […]

Life is all about movement and activities and when we face certain physical situations wherein we feel immobile and inactive due to joint pains and similar conditions, our entire livelihood and existence suffer. Gout is considered as one of those arthritic conditions wherein the patients suffer severe joint aches, swelling, inflammation and tenderness of affected […]

Treatment for gout becomes extremely important for people who have been suffering from the chronic conditions of gout including swelling, excruciating pain, tenderness and immobility of joints. However, the disease is nothing of life-threatening category, the pains and the problems associating with the same makes life nevertheless disappointing and movement impossible and thus doctors prescribe […]

The complications associated with gout like swelling, tenderness accompanied with immobility due to excruciating pain are known to patients and sufferers who have experienced the disease due to several reasons and causes and in most cases these are directly related to their diets and food and drinking habits. Hence a proper and balanced gout diet […]

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