Gout Causes

There can be a number of important gout causes that leads to Hyperuricemia, and severe joint inflammations in the human body. For an effective gout treatment, it is important to understand and analyze the essential causes of gout in every patient in order to cure this rheumatic disease from its roots.

Gout has been a serious medical condition prevailing in almost 275 out of every 100,000 people in the world. With extreme lifestyle dis-balance and certain abnormal health conditions are the key causes of gout, and can be cured if medically treated on time. However, there are several other vital reasons behind developing this metabolic disease in human beings. While all gout patients may not be suffering from the same gout symptoms, similarly, the causes of gout for all the patients need not be same. For early detection and proper treatment, it is essential to identify these individual causes of gout and likewise, prescribe medication and food supplements to control such acute attacks and inflammation in each patient. Though the bigger reason behind gout disease remains the same in all cases, i.e. Hyperuricemia, there may be different reasons behind the cause of such Hyperuricemia in different individuals. These are those significant causes of gout that, if properly diagnosed, can eventually lead to proper treatment and relief.

Formation of uric acid in our body is caused due to the metabolism of the food components and breaking down of the body tissues during normal turnover of blood cells. With proper excretion system, such uric acid component is flushed out of the body with urine. However, during certain health conditions and food habits, the uric acid formation in the blood abnormally escalates, and cannot be eliminated from the body due to either kidney malfunction or other health issues. Such elevation in uric acid level causes accumulation of such acid in and around the muscle joints and other body tissues. These uric acid crystals are one of the main causes of gout that results in inflammation and acute painful attacks in the joints. About 10% of the total gout patients are ‘over-producers’ of uric acid in the body, while the rest 90% cannot eliminate their excess uric acid component in urine, and are medically termed as ‘under-excreters.’ This difference in body metabolism essentially depends on various other causes of gout and lifestyle situations.

The gender, inherited genes and nutritional factors play a significant role in gout development in human body, and are some of the essential gout causes in men and women. It is expected that genetics has a significant role to play in developing chronic gout syndrome and other health issues. Inherited genes from the family contribute to almost 60% variation in the level of uric acid in the blood. If the parents are suffering from gouty arthritis or the family has a history of gout disease or Hyperuricemia in past, the subsequent offspring has 20% probability of developing gout syndrome. And not just Hyperuricemia, but several other genetic disorders like critical kidney diseases or Hyperuricemia nephropathy can also cause acute gout syndrome in human beings. Thus, genetics is one of the significant gout causes in human body and chronic arthritis as well.

Gender is one of the other important causes of gout that determine the chances of developing gouty arthritis in men and women. Several researches reveal that men are more prone to falling prey to gout syndrome as compared to women. This is because of the disparity in lifestyle in men and women, and certain physical differences that causes uric acid formation in men more than many other women.

One of the most significant gout causes can be traced back to lifestyle factors and phenomenal changes in it in recent years. Improper diet and poor living habits in recent days has been one of the major gout causes in human body, especially men. Consumption of excessive alcohol, meat, seafood and other items rich in purine, fructose, protein and fatty acids causes excessive uric acid formation in the blood, and eventually gout disease. Moreover, the physical trauma and obesity are other essential causes of gout in human beings.

Certain medications and health conditions are also important causes of gout in humans, causing severe inflammation and recurring painful attacks. These essential causes of gout have to be identified and treated from its roots to eliminate such chances forever in future.

What Causes Gout??

Having understood what gout disease is, it is also important to know causes of gout. Knowing the essential gout causes can help in proper diagnosis and eradication of this disease from the roots. There are several individual reasons behind causes of gout, and it is highly significant to determine each factor individually and prescribe appropriate treatment for each cause.

Gout is a complex human body disorder, and an abnormal increase in uric acid formation in the blood is causes of gout or Hyperuricemia. Purine is a chemical content in the body that decomposes to produce uric acid in blood. This generally comes as a part of high-purine food items that is broken down in the body in normal metabolism system. However, high intake of purine consumption and an improper metabolism system and kidney dysfunction can cause excessive production of uric acid, and cannot be excreted out essentially from the body. This is one of the main reasons what causes gout, as the surplus uric acid builds up around the joints of the body, resulting into sharp urate crystals in and around the muscle joints. This causes intense painful attacks and swelling inflammation in the joint areas. This is the preliminary symptom of any gout disorder in human body.

However, there are several other reasons behind causes of gout in human body, especially men. One such important cause can be traced back to genetics or the genetic disorders that you inherit from your parents or family. Several researches on genetics, as one of the integral reasons behind what causes gout, have essentially reported about 20% chances of developing gout syndrome if your parents or the family has a history of Hyperuricemia or other kidney disorder syndrome. Gout is not contagious but the disease can flow into the bloods from generation to generation causing abnormal uric acid production in blood, and subsequent painful gout attacks.

Lifestyle and nutrition also plays a significant role in causes of gout, and a poor living habit and lifestyle conditions are more prone to gout disease. Alcohol consumption, especially beer, and other high calorie and protein intakes substantially increases the risk of gout in human body. Moreover, the trauma and stress prevalent in modern lifestyle are also important essentials behind what causes gout. This is why the British people are found to be more likely in developing gout as compared to other people maintaining a moderate and somewhat balanced lifestyle.

Gender also plays a key role in causes of gout, because it has been found that men are more likely to fall victim of gout syndrome much earlier and in more numbers as compared to women. This is because men hormonal changes during puberty causes excessive metabolism of uric acid than compared to women. It is also the reason for what causes gout in men much earlier than women.

Understanding causes of gout essentially involves analyzing the medicinal factors and health conditions that results in increased formation of uric acid in blood. Certain surgery, physical and mental trauma, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity and high blood pressure, chemotherapy conditions, dehydration and prolonged starvation can causes hormonal imbalances and improper metabolism system that causes a substantial rise in uric acid build up in the body. Chronic kidney disorder and other diseases like psoriasis, myeloma, tumors, hypothyroidism, hemolytic anemia, Lesch-Nyhan syndrome and Kelley-Seegmiller syndrome are other important reasons behind what causes gout and excessive uric acid formation. While this is one of the significant reasons behind understanding causes of gout, there are several other medications and drugs that elevate the chances of Hyperuricemia in the blood.

• Regular consumption of medicines like diuretics and other anti-hypersensitive drugs can cause increase uric acid metabolism
• Transplant medicines like Cyclosporine A
• Aspirin (Ecotrin and Bayer)
• Probenecid (Benemid) and Allopurinol (Zyloprim) drugs
• Nicotinic acid content medicines like Niacin SR, Slo-Niacin, B3-500-Gr, Niaspan ER, etc.

Obesity or fast loss in weight, highly low calories diet and increased exposure to lead in the environment also play key roles in causes of gout in human body, and subsequent inflammation and acute arthritis attacks. Understanding and eliminating the main reasons behind causes of gout can essentially help in effective gout treatment with proper medication and dietary compliments.

Gout Attack

You may not likely be able to appreciate what a gout attack is until you experience one; and just the way it sounds – it is an actual attack. Many medical experts actually consider gout as a severe kind of arthritis, and it is much more painful than arthritis. Many patients confessed to crying silently on their beds in the nights when the attack becomes so severe, and this suggests that gout attack could be very terrible to bear or undergo. Continue reading Gout Attack

Colchicine for Gout

Gout as a form of arthritic condition can appear in anybody irrespective of the age and body type; however the disease is found frequenting men of more than middle age and some women in their post-menopausal state. The existence of gout is an old one and since its initial years of emergence till today, Colchicine for gout is being considered as one of the oldest and most conventional remedy from gout attacks and pains. Colchicine used for gout is basically extracted from a bulb of a flower and thus can be taken as a natural or herbal drug. Nevertheless, its being extracted from a flower does not free it from the infamy it acquired for being highly toxic in nature and thus Colchicine for gout should be prescribed to patients whose body resistance and type can cope up with the side effects like severe nausea, vomiting and abdominal pains.

Not that the excruciating bouts of gout is any less painful and disappointing than those disturbed abdominal symptoms, but in every case, Colchicine used for gout is still preferred by maximum numbers of doctors which is being used for over 2000 years as an effective treatment of gout. However, in many cases, the recent medical practitioners do either completely ward off the usage of Colchicine for gout or prescribe an unhealthy dosage of drug which leads to several negative side effects and abdominal problems which leads to infamy of this drug, regardless of its ready and rapid action against the symptoms of gout and its pain. These problems occur mainly because the doctors still fail to understand the efficacy of the perfect dosage of Colchicine for gout and in haste prescribe more than needed consumption of the same which induces diarrhea, nausea and other stomach-troubles. Regardless of its toxicity and side effects which can be avoided by sensible consumption of the drug, Colchicine used for gout is still regarded as the first line drug by many doctors for treating severe and chronic symptoms of gout accompanying with excruciating pain. Colchicine for gout is undoubtedly a medicine which according to the old saying “makes the patient run before he starts to walk’, but the fact that it is toxic cannot be avoided and thus one should be very careful about the dosage and regularity of the intake which should not be more than thrice or four times in a day starting from the first bout of gout pain.

And this newer and less negative method of Colchicine used for gout consumption is known to but very few of doctors who often prescribe misleading dosage leading to adverse and strong side effects and repercussions. With the advent of newer and latest over-the-shelf drugs meant to cure gouts like NSAIDs and Corticosteroids, the importance of Colchicine for gout treatment have diminished to some extent and more and more doctors are now relaying on prescribing the other substitutes. Nevertheless, Colchicine used for gout pain relief has its own share of toxicity, but in comparison to NSAIDs and Corticosteroids, the drug still stand a better and less dangerous stance as the other alternatives like NSAIDs and Corticosteroids should never be prescribed to patients having heart troubles or gastronomical disorders and infections.

And this makes Colchicine used for gout still the first and most preferred first line drug for patients under emergency situations, wherein diagnosis of the physical state can wait as the side effects of Colchicine used for gout treatment are not as fatal as the side effects induced by the other two alternate drug categories can prove to be. Colchicine used for gout attacks can also prove to be very helpful while a patient is under a process of flushing out the uric acid off the body with the help of medications, dietary regime and proper diet, as during the process of flushing out, the uric acid level of the body fluctuates leading to pools and bouts of pain attacks and herein Colchicine used for gout can be used as ‘prophylaxis’ to treat those excruciating painful procedure. However, one should never forget the consequences of over dosage of Colchicines which can surely prove to be deadly and the same should also be avoided by patients having prior malfunctioning of kidney and liver or by patients having a lower count of white blood cells.

Gout Relief

Gout as it is commonly known amongst the patients is a kind of arthritic attack which is accompanied by excruciating pain, swelling, inflammation which leads to complete or partial immobility of the joints and at the same time drive patients for effective and long lasting relief which comes in various shapes, sizes and differences, depending upon the choice and preference of the patients. Although, patients always seek for the fastest and the most apt relief which would treat their pains and symptoms in the best possible manner, but still the ultimate and perfect gout relief solution is the one which provide a permanent solution from the symptoms, complications and painful effects of gout.

When it comes to seeking gout relief, the most important information and insights about the disease should be available to the patients to make them able to understand the true nature, cause, reasons and solutions to get hold of a gout relief which is not only pain relieving but would take care of the problems from the roots. The complications and pains of the gout start arising as our body start producing excess uric acid due to some malfunctioning of the hormones and as the same starts accumulating in our blood in the form of piercing crystals, the pains and the accompanying disturbing symptoms start troubling our joint areas and this condition force us to seek for easy gout relief, mostly to get rid of the pain and recurrent symptoms like swelling and inflammations. However, in the quest of finding something easy, readymade and fast to get relief from the excruciating gout pains, we often fail to recognize the best and permanent solution or relief, which may be available in the very confine f our house.

Nevertheless, for people who seek ready and rapid gout relief medicines to ease out the momentary main and swelling in emergency situations, it is advisable to take and use drugs like NSAIDs, Colchicine and Corticosteroids etc to reduce the pain and decrease the symptoms and even apart form that there exist various other relief medicines which can be taken but only after consulting the doctors and physicians as these drugs are known for their adverse side effects which can be more dangerous than the pains of gouts. Patients with kidney, liver, heart and abdominal troubles should be extra cautious regarding taking respite in this particular method of gout relief. Apart from these medications, your home too can provide good and effective gout relief solutions in the form of hot and cold compresses, gentle and stimulating foot massage, and foot bath in lukewarm water containing ginger extracts or Epsom salt, wherein the foot should be kept immersed for 30 minutes.

The other varieties of relief include application of bandage made of charcoal powder and grounded flax seeds, or wheat and mustard powder. One can also get effective relief from mild exercises and form keeping the affected area away from all bodily pressures and injuries and that would surely require the patient to maintain a proper body weight. A very significant way to optimize the effects of relief is to maintain and follow a balanced and apt healthy diet meant for gout patients as food intake and liquor consumption have a direct effect upon the production and accumulation of uric acid in the body.

Foods like sea-foods, organ meats and some other purines-rich foods and drinks like alcohol and such should be replaced by plant-based foods, whole grain cereal and green and leafy vegetables and low-fat dairy products. In case of excessive pain, resting and elevating the affected area can prove to be an effective relief technique. One needs to be careful about keeping the joint unhurt and undamaged and by putting a cold compress of ice pack can certainly help. Apart from all these methods and techniques, one should be extra cautious about the food intake and dietary habits which should contain high levels of vitamin C enriched citrus fruits and fluids which would flush out the toxins and the uric acid from the body and the entire system and should make sure to drink a lot of water to fasten the process of body detoxification.

Treatment of Gout

Life is all about movement and activities and when we face certain physical situations wherein we feel immobile and inactive due to joint pains and similar conditions, our entire livelihood and existence suffer. Gout is considered as one of those arthritic conditions wherein the patients suffer severe joint aches, swelling, inflammation and tenderness of affected areas and thus seek immediate and effective treatment. While seeking beneficial and effective treatment of gout, patients and sufferers must keep certain factors in mind related to their body type, reaction to medication, age, receptivity side effects of the medications taken as treatment. The various medications which individually are taken as efficient treatment of gout are present in the market to provide over-the-shelf cures, however people should be extra cautious about their side effects and adversities.

When it comes to finding the most apt treatment of gout, patients should never take any medications or opt for a treatment out of impulse or desperation and should always gather ample and relevant information about the treatment available along with their variations, side effects and duration of effects and depth of treatment. As a matter of fact, when it comes to seeking permanent treatment, the home based remedies and the dietary solutions have proven to be the best form of treatments. Health experts and doctors have always preferred the patients to first know about the nature and conditions and causes of the gout and its complications, before seeking out the treatment, as apparent and shallow knowledge can often lead to bigger health problems and deterioration of gout symptoms.

The conditions and symptoms of gout occur due to the accumulation and presence of extra uric acid in the blood which then gets collected in the joints in shape of piercing crystals. Keeping this particular condition in mind, it is most desirable to get hold of a treatment of gout which would get our blood rid off the accumulated uric acid and its harmful effects. In that sense, the best and the most effective treatment would be to dissolve the uric acid and flush it off from our system by detoxifying our body and nothing works better than the consumption of vitamin C here. Hence, intake of citrus fruits rich in vitamin C remains as the best and cheapest form of treatment of gout which does not only detoxify the body off the uric acid which forms gout and painful joints but also strengthen our body’s immunity against various diseases.

Apart from that, treatment can also be found in the market and medical shops which are full of medications and drugs of various categories like NSAIDs, Colchicine and Corticosteroids which includes drugs known as ibuprofen, naproxen and so on. However, do avoid taking Aspirin at any cost as it is far from being a treatment and would rather make matters worse. In case the patient wants to deal with recurrent gout attacks, patients can take drugs and medicines which reduce the presence of uric acid in the blood like uricosuric agents and xanthine oxidase inhibitors which are known to reduce the production of uric acid on the body. The major goal of any kind of treatment would be to first diagnose the patient’s body structure and type along with the other internal organs and their functional conditions followed by prescribing a series of activity which would not only reduce the production of uric acid and removal of the same from the body but would also include a process to analyze the nature and main reasons behind the formation of the disease at the first place and the causes which are inducing the over-production of uric acid ion the body.

As a matter of fact, our dietary habits and consumption level and behavior plays the major role in moderating and stabilizing the formation and control of uric acid and thus it is always advised by doctors that too much consumption of alcohol and purines-based foods should be avoided and should be avoided by people who are prone to the symptoms of gout. Moreover, we should remember that gout can attack anybody irrespective of age and gender and lifestyle and thus we should always make sure to have foods which naturally fight the symptoms inside our body.