Using Hyzaar to Treat Gout

The effects of gout can be painful, almost debilitating condition that affects the lower joints of the body, particularly the joints of the feet, ankles and knees. There are several types of medicines for gout treatment. One of the more interesting is Hyzaar. Hyzaar is a drug that was first and primarily used for the treatment of high blood pressure is now being used for a wide variety of conditions, including gout treatment.

Hyzaar is a combination of an angiotensin receptor blocker and a diuretic. The blocker works to relax the blood vessels while the diuretic reduces blood pressure, although the reason why the diuretic works in that capacity is still somewhat of a mystery. This combination however does have effects that go beyond reducing blood pressure, including reducing the chances of stroke for those who suffer from high blood pressure. But gout treatment is a relatively new application for this drug and the effects so far have been quite positive.

One of the side effects of Hyzaar is that the diuretic helps the kidneys clear out the waste products found in the blood. Gout is caused by the buildup of uric acid to the extent that the kidneys cannot remove all of it. This means enough uric acid remains in the blood stream to travel downwards into the lower parts of the body, usually the legs and eventually the feet.

In the joint areas of the feet, ankles and knees the excess uric acid gathers in the spaces and begins to crystallize. This results in a reduction of mobility and inflammation of the joint, accompanied by a great deal of pain. In some cases the amount of uric acid present is enough to push against the skin in lumpy patches. Such attack of gout generally last from five to ten days and reoccur once there is another buildup of uric acid.

The diuretic in Hyzaar dilutes the uric acid in the blood steam and helps the kidneys process more of the acid out of the body in the form of urine, which collects in the bladder before being passed through. This is a very effective form of gout treatment as the diuretic in Hyzaar also gets rid of other excessive waste products such as sodium for example.

Those who take Hyzaar for gout treatment can help prevent the buildup of uric acid even further by drinking more fluids, especially water which not only helps dilute the uric acid even more, the water will replenish the body from the fluid which is lost.

Hyzaar is not for everyone however, those who are pregnant or are going to become pregnant cannot use Hyzaar as well as those with kidney problems or are taking medicines which may react with Hyzaar. Hyzaar can also cause severe allergic reaction in some people, including the swelling of the hands or other parts of the body. If such reactions are noted, contact your physician immediately.

For most people, Hyzaar is an effective gout treatment and combined with exercise, drinking additional water and eating a healthy diet can result in a great reduction in the buildup of uric acid.

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