Treatment of Gout

Life is all about movement and activities and when we face certain physical situations wherein we feel immobile and inactive due to joint pains and similar conditions, our entire livelihood and existence suffer. Gout is considered as one of those arthritic conditions wherein the patients suffer severe joint aches, swelling, inflammation and tenderness of affected areas and thus seek immediate and effective treatment. While seeking beneficial and effective treatment of gout, patients and sufferers must keep certain factors in mind related to their body type, reaction to medication, age, receptivity side effects of the medications taken as treatment. The various medications which individually are taken as efficient treatment of gout are present in the market to provide over-the-shelf cures, however people should be extra cautious about their side effects and adversities.

When it comes to finding the most apt treatment of gout, patients should never take any medications or opt for a treatment out of impulse or desperation and should always gather ample and relevant information about the treatment available along with their variations, side effects and duration of effects and depth of treatment. As a matter of fact, when it comes to seeking permanent treatment, the home based remedies and the dietary solutions have proven to be the best form of treatments. Health experts and doctors have always preferred the patients to first know about the nature and conditions and causes of the gout and its complications, before seeking out the treatment, as apparent and shallow knowledge can often lead to bigger health problems and deterioration of gout symptoms.

The conditions and symptoms of gout occur due to the accumulation and presence of extra uric acid in the blood which then gets collected in the joints in shape of piercing crystals. Keeping this particular condition in mind, it is most desirable to get hold of a treatment of gout which would get our blood rid off the accumulated uric acid and its harmful effects. In that sense, the best and the most effective treatment would be to dissolve the uric acid and flush it off from our system by detoxifying our body and nothing works better than the consumption of vitamin C here. Hence, intake of citrus fruits rich in vitamin C remains as the best and cheapest form of treatment of gout which does not only detoxify the body off the uric acid which forms gout and painful joints but also strengthen our body’s immunity against various diseases.

Apart from that, treatment can also be found in the market and medical shops which are full of medications and drugs of various categories like NSAIDs, Colchicine and Corticosteroids which includes drugs known as ibuprofen, naproxen and so on. However, do avoid taking Aspirin at any cost as it is far from being a treatment and would rather make matters worse. In case the patient wants to deal with recurrent gout attacks, patients can take drugs and medicines which reduce the presence of uric acid in the blood like uricosuric agents and xanthine oxidase inhibitors which are known to reduce the production of uric acid on the body. The major goal of any kind of treatment would be to first diagnose the patient’s body structure and type along with the other internal organs and their functional conditions followed by prescribing a series of activity which would not only reduce the production of uric acid and removal of the same from the body but would also include a process to analyze the nature and main reasons behind the formation of the disease at the first place and the causes which are inducing the over-production of uric acid ion the body.

As a matter of fact, our dietary habits and consumption level and behavior plays the major role in moderating and stabilizing the formation and control of uric acid and thus it is always advised by doctors that too much consumption of alcohol and purines-based foods should be avoided and should be avoided by people who are prone to the symptoms of gout. Moreover, we should remember that gout can attack anybody irrespective of age and gender and lifestyle and thus we should always make sure to have foods which naturally fight the symptoms inside our body.

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