Treatment for Gout

Treatment for gout becomes extremely important for people who have been suffering from the chronic conditions of gout including swelling, excruciating pain, tenderness and immobility of joints. However, the disease is nothing of life-threatening category, the pains and the problems associating with the same makes life nevertheless disappointing and movement impossible and thus doctors prescribe and suggest proper and apt gout treatment which would depend upon the patient’s severity, body type, reactions to medications, age and other physical factors. An exact and timely gout treatment allows the patient to escape its painful bouts and complicated conditions leading to unbearable aches and other debilitating symptoms.

While planning about a treatment for gout, generally a patient seeks either to get relief from the symptoms of gout attack or to prevent future bots and attacks of gout pains. The treatment for gout include two ways of treating gout; one can go for the home-base treatment for gout with the help of proper and genuine guidance and procedure including detoxification of the body, consumption of right diet and following a healthy regime of mediation, avoidance of certain foods and alcohol and maintaining the right body weight by in-taking the right kind and amount of foods, fruits, fluids and water. Another gout treatment includes medication based process advised by doctors who include consumption of certain medicines to check the conditions and symptoms of gout. The basic and commonest medicines used for the purpose of gout treatment are the following:

• Doctors often prescribe Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) to patients suffering from severe and painful bouts of gout attacks as it is considered to an effective treatment for gout in order to decrease the level of inflammation and pain. As an efficient gout treatment, NSAIDs like Diclofenac, Indometacin and Naproxen helps the patient to combat conditions like pains and swellings and tenderness of joints. NSAIDs as a treatment for gout are asked to consume by the patient in case he/she feels the attack of gout pain, but the drugs are never advisable for patients having kidney malfunctioning and other stomach disorders like ulcers, indigestion and bleeding etc. Hence, it is always advisable to follow your doctors’ prescription and advises followed by a proper diagnosis of your body before consuming this drug.

• Another form of gout treatment is consumption of a drug called Colchicine which can be used instead of NSAIDs, especially by people who are sensitive to the usage of NSAIDs and due to their disturbed stomach conditions. Colchicine as a gout treatment reduces the formation of uric acid crystals and thereby treating the conditions and symptoms of the same. However, Colchicine as a gout treatment is no longer used widely because of its negative side effects like vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain. Another thing to keep in mind about Colchicine usage is its poisonous nature if taken in high dose and this makes it most significant to consult your physician or doctor before consuming the drug. As a matter of fact, it is always recommendable to take and use these drugs only under medical supervision and guidance.

• In severe cases, wherein these above mentioned drugs and medications do not work, doctors prescribe the consumption of Corticosteroids which is kind of steroid used for the gout treatment at severe conditions. Although Corticosteroids are not meant for long-term usage, these provide pretty rapid relief from the gout pains and attacks. However the drug is associated with certain side effects like fluid retention in body, weight gain, osteoporosis, bruising, thinning of the skin and muscle weakness. The drugs must be avoided for patients suffering from the symptoms of diabetes and glaucoma and also by ailments like bone marrow disease, impaired liver and kidney function and cardiac diseases. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised to stay away from these drugs.

Apart from these medications prescribed by doctors and physicians, it is important for the gout patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle and activities like meditation, proper and timely food consumption, avoidance of foods and drinks and activities which can aggravate the gout conditions and nurturing a positive outlook to life and health can work wonders for gout patients.

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