Topical Treatments For Gout

Having gout is a terrible condition, one that renders one almost useless in many respects. Many people suffering from gout become dependent on others until they are able to recover through a gout treatment procedure that is carried out at a medical hospital or an alternative medicine center. Imagine someone who is up and doing suddenly requiring to be carried or aided to walk to the bathroom or back and forth from the car.

Gout usually affects the big toes of the feet or the knees among other body joints and it causes a great deal of pains and swellings due to inflammations in the affected parts. The affected joints become red and swollen, tender and painful with a lot of discomfort for the affected person. This disease usually starts in the night when someone is asleep or in the early hours of the morning when someone is about to wake and leave the bed, and it could become terrible over time to be quite unbearable. The pains and swellings could come and go within 3 months, and there you have acute gout; but it is chronic when the pains and the swellings persist beyond 3 months to 6 months and even years.

Before going ahead to highlight the topic gout treatment available, it must be mentioned here that gout occurs when uric acid in foods we eat become so much as to be excess in the body, most especially when this is due to the inability of the body organs to process and eliminate the uric acid. The uric acid then forms and crystallizes around the big toes, the knees, or any other joints of the body, and there start to cause painful swellings and great discomforts when the uric acid reacts with the body’s defense mechanisms. What then are the topical gout treatments available to someone suffering from the disease?

One of the alternative means for avoiding or getting rid of gout is by drinking a lot of fluids or water. Water or any other suitable fluids help to flush uric acid out of the body through urination. When you drink water a lot, uric acid is not allowed to form or crystallize because they are washed out of the body system through the volume of urination that you undergo. In addition, when you use herbal therapies like dandelion tea, you also produce a lot of urination. Dandelion can be made into a tea and taken anytime you like, and it works as a diuretic and flushes out uric acid and other toxins from the body system through urination and so on.

You can also take other herbal teas like lime among others; but when you visit a qualified herbal therapist, you will be guided into other herbs to use and how to use them. You must also consume a lot of Vitamin C from fresh fruits, and eat a lot of veggies, while all the while avoiding alcohol, smoking and any form of fast foods. You must avoid the consumption of red meat, turkey and other gout foods as a means of alternative gout treatment that you must consider.

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