Rosemary Oil for Gout

The use of rosemary oil for gout is not something new that has just started recently.  It is an alternative therapy for treating gout that has lasted ages. The use of rosemary oil has been found to be effective in many cases of gout, and many have found it very soothing in relieving the pains associated with gout. However, before delving into how to use rosemary oil for gout, let us examine what gout is and what it is not.

Gout is an inflammatory and swelling disease that affects the joints of the body, most especially the big toes of the feet. When this disease affects the big toes of the feet, it becomes swollen and tender due to inflammatory conditions. Walking with the feet may be difficult and painful, and wearing shoes may be near to impossible. The pains may come and go, and it may be so severe as to be chronic over a long time. Sometimes it may last months and even years, and this is when it becomes chronic, but it is only acute when it lasts about a month or two and then heals up.

Now, before you apply rosemary for gout, it might be helpful to really know how gout comes about. Gout is a disease that is caused by too much uric acid in the body. The kidneys and the liver naturally process the uric levels in the body, and neutralize it for passing out of the body through metabolic activities. But when the uric acid levels becomes too much in the body, it starts to crystallize and form around body joints, especially the big toes and its congregation around the joints is what causes the pains and the swellings. Since the body naturally releases white blood cells to fight the invasion of infections in the body, the uric crystals react in the presence of white blood cells and this is what causes the pains and the swellings. Nevertheless, how then do you use rosemary oil for gout treatment?

To use rosemary oil to treat gout, you rub the substance on the affected big toes or body joints like the ankles, wrists, elbows and knees and after some time you start to feel some relief in the affected joints. Rubbing rosemary oil for gout causes, an increase of blood to flow into the diseased area, and with this stimulation of blood comes a big relief. You can also put rosemary oil into your bathing water for use. When you mix rosemary oil with your body lotion and massage this into the affected parts, it stimulates blood flow and eases the redness in the areas. You soon have the uric crystals dissipating in the massaged points, and you feel the better for this.

It must be noted that before using rosemary oil for gout, you must consult your doctor for guidance because it must not be used when you are pregnant or when you suffer from high blood pressure. The use of rosemary oil to treat gout has worked for many down the years, and it will sure work for you as long as you do it under a doctor’s guidance.

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