Over-the-Counter Gout Treatment Methods

There are two main kinds of gout treatment. These two treatments are either natural or drug-based. Both of these methods allow relief of gout pain that many suffers face. Some people do not like to use natural methods because they do not feel as if they provide enough relieve. They generally feel an alternative method does allow for some decrease of pain, but does not provide enough help. These types of people will turn to over-the-counter drugs to treat their gout.

First off, you should consult your doctor for information about what types of medications you should take when a gout flare up occurs.  You should be informed by a professional, meaning your doctor, who is looking out for your best interests before you decide to buy what you think will help.  With the right direction, you will be able to purchase the right medicines that will offer you the fastest relief.

There are many over-the-counter gout treatment drugs available.  You can use anti-inflammatories to provide some relief from any inflammation you might experience in your joints.  When a gout attack comes on many will reach for the Naproxen Sodium for relief.  There are medicines that help to decrease the uric acid levels in your blood as well.  Many over the counter drugs will offer release from some of the aches that come with gout attacks.

It is important to remember that Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs also known as NSAIDs helps to control pain from inflammation.  If you feel you need a higher dose than what the dosage on the bottle recommends, you should contact your doctor as he or she is the only person who can prescribe a higher dosage for you.

Medicines for Inflammatory

  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen
  • Indomethacin
  • Colchicine
  • Corticosteroids

Medicines to Reduce Uric Acid

  • Xanthine Oxidase
  • Allopurinol
  • Febuxostat
  • Probenecid

When you take over-the-counter gout treatment medicines, you should read the label from the front to the back.  Make sure you understand all the warnings, side effects, and dosage information.  Do not take more than the recommended dosage within the timeframe it recommends. Make sure you understand the side effects that come with taking medications.  You should of course discuss this with your doctor before you decide to take any types of drugs.  Once you know what to expect, you will be well on your way to gout relief in no time.

In addition to the over-the-counter treatments for gout, you should remember to keep a clean diet and get your rest.  Make it a point to notice any symptoms that pop up as soon as they come up so you can make sure to knock out any potential gout attack before it really begins.  If you can begin your treatment in time you will be able to alleviate any major gout attacks.  You might have to endure some minor discomforts, but minor discomfort is better than major suffering.

Over-the-Counter medications are great for gout treatment.  In many cases, the do provide enough relief for a person to continue daily living, but sometimes a larger dose is needed and a doctor appointment will need to be made.

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