Nutrients to Treat Gout

Gout is a fatal disease that affects parts of the joints, and it could be acute or chronic indeed. Gout affects the big toes of the feet and it affects the knees to hamper normal movement and walking, but it can also affect other joints like the ankles, the wrists and even the fingers among others. Gout is known by the painful swellings that appear on the affected parts, and this could be marked by redness and inflammations that become very unbearable. To really understand what gout is, you must be ready to understand what causes and how to treat the condition. Gout is largely caused by the foods we eat, and these are broken down in the digestion process to release uric acid into the bloodstream. There are more gout foods than we are ready to know, but we must avoid them as much as possible most especially when you are suffering from this terrible condition.

Gout foods give rise to the increase of uric acid in the body and when the body cannot readily process them for elimination, then the uric acid becomes excess in the body and they start to crystallize around the body joints like the big toes and the knees and the wrists among others. Soon the joints become tender and red, and they become very painful with swellings that may be very unbearable to manage. You may be unable to use these joints pains and swellings until you are able to treat the gout conditions with proper medical and alternative therapy procedures. Now, having known that gout is largely caused by what we eat, it should not surprise you that you can also treat gout by what we eat. Gout largely comes about through poor diets, and it can be treated through proper diets.

Nutrients in what we eat could be used to treat gout, and the more you maximize the positive nutrients in our foods the more we bring gout under control. To treat gout, we must consume foods that are rich in let’s say, Vitamin C. Vitamin C as one of the nutrients that is common in foods and fruits is very good for treating gout, and when it is combined with other nutrients in fruits and veggies among others, it helps a lot to tackle the gout disease. We must also note that purine is another nutrient that is common when we eat foods like pork, animal organs like heart, liver, kidneys and lungs.  The more purine we have in our foods the more likelihood we may have to develop gout; so we must limit the consumption of animal organs and also limit the purine they contain before any attempt at eating them or any red meat at all.

Water is another thing that we must take in plenty because of the nutrients it contains and also because it helps to flush out excess uric acid from the body. The more water you take the more successful you are in bringing down the levels of uric acid in your body, and when you combine it with other nutrients found in lime, you discover that gout will soon be a thing of the past in your life.

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