Nettle Tea For Gout

Nettle (Urtica dioica), also called stinging nettle or big string nettle, is a herbaceous flowering plant which is native to Europe, North America, Northern Africa, and Asia. It has a long medical history that dates back to the medieval times.

The nettle has fine hair on the leaves and stems. It has small green flowers and soft green leaves. When its spines are touched, they cause a painful sensation. Its stems are upright and rigid. Nettles are abundant in places where annual rainfall is high.

It is said that nettles have been used as early as the time of Julius Caesar. The ancient Greeks also used this plant as a remedy for cough and arthritis. Native Americans used it to treat bronchitis, respiratory problems, digestive problems, urinary tract disorders, diarrhea, and gout.

Nettles act as astringent, antiallergenic, circulatory stimulant, and diuretic. Nettles also reduce blood sugar levels, prevent scurvy, and reduce prostate enlargement.

Nettles have been used to cure various diseases for a very long time. It is known to provide remedy for rheumatism, nasal inflammation, liver diseases, hypertension, colds and flu, diabetes, arthralgia, anemia, kidney stones, hemorrhage, heavy menstrual bleeding, prostate enlargement, skin allergies, nosebleeds, scalp and hair problems, burns, eczema, urinary tract infection, sprains and strains, insect bites, gout, and arthritic pain.

Nettle is an effective treatment for gout because it increases the excretion of uric acid from the kidney. The excess uric acid in the body, which is the main cause of gout, when removed will provide remedy for gout pains and may prevent future gout attacks. It was revealed in a research that the therapeutic benefits of nettle are derived from its anti-inflammatory action. Since it has anti-inflammatory effects, nettles can be used to soothe the swelling of the joints and the excruciating pain caused by gout.

Nettle can be taken in the form of nettle tea. With all the medicinal properties of nettle which were previously discussed in this article, you have a good reason to drink nettle tea for gout. Nettle tea is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in potassium, calcium, and iron.

Here is how to prepare fresh nettle tea for gout treatment.

  1. Pick nettles grown in natural environments away from car traffic, wastes, and polluted air. It is best to look in river banks and woodlands.
  2. Make sure to use gloves and scissors in picking nettles.
  3. Carefully cut the topmost part of the nettle.
  4. Chop the nettle tips and place them in a bowl.
  5. Bring out a cooking pot and place the chopped nettle tips inside.
  6. Boil one cup of water in a kettle. When it boils, add it to the pot where you placed the nettles.
  7. Let the tea steep for ten minutes then strain it into a cup. If you don’t boil it for ten minutes, the sting will still be there.

Only drink one cup of nettle tea per day. Too much nettle tea may cause diarrhea. Don’t drink nettle tea if you experience any allergic reactions.

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