Naturopathic Treatment For Gout

Naturopathic treatment provides a different way of how people look at health.

Naturopathic treatment is an alternative medicine, which rests on the belief that a special energy, called vital energy, can guide bodily processes towards proper metabolism, growth, reproduction, and adaptation. This kind of treatment focuses on natural remedies and the body’s natural capacity to heal itself.

Naturopathy started in ancient Greece in 400 B.C. Naturopathy as a medical discipline was founded by Dr. Benedict Lust (also known as the father of naturopathy) in Europe in the 18th and 19th century.

There are different types of naturopathic treatments. Each greatly depends on the practitioner’s area of expertise. In ancient China, two famous forms of naturopathy are acupuncture and herbology. Acupuncture uses very thin needles in special points of the body to provide balance in the body’s energy field. Herbology is the use of special herbs to cleanse off the body from harmful toxins.

Naturopathic treatments offer a universal approach to healing with a minor use of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. Naturopathic treatments focus on the source of the problem rather than healing the symptoms. Naturopathic practitioners adhere to the philosophy of not harming the patient by giving false cures or remedies.

Naturopathic treatment for gout aims to reduce the levels of uric acid in the body, as the excess in uric acid is the ultimate reason of gout. Eliminating uric acid from the body will help prevent gout attacks and reoccurrences. Naturopathic treatment for gout is said to have been successful in decreasing pain and inflammation.

Eating foods that trigger gout attacks make people prone to such sickness. It is common among us now to hear news about different illness and of people dying from these illnesses. Naturopathic treatment for gout teaches gout patients to transform their lifestyles from what is modern and common to what is natural and healthy. Naturopathy believes that once we change our approach to health, we can treat our health problems.

According to naturopathy, gout happens when the waste, uric acid, and harmful materials from the body are not properly excreted. Therefore, the excretory organs of the body (skin and bowel and urinary system) must function properly in order to release these wastes. If they do not function properly, the waste matter collects in the body and result to unwanted diseases, like gout.

Naturopathic treatment for gout ensures that the main cause of the problem is resolved. The first way to resolve it is to avoid eating foods that contribute to the uric acid build up in the body. As much as possible eating acidic food should be avoided. Naturopathic treatment for gout also ensures that the excretory system of the body is functioning well. This can be done by staying in an environment where the patient can breathe fresh air. Adequate intake of water is also very important to flush out harmful wastes from the body. Naturopathic treatment for gout also ensures that the skin is properly excreting perspiration. This can be done by taking daily cold baths.

Naturopathy is one way of taking care of our own bodies the natural way.


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