Natural Stinging Nettle As Gout Treatment

Much have been shown through research studies about natural and alternative way for gout treatment. With the occurrence of various side effects of chemical medicines for gout treatment, people who suffer from gout usually resort to the natural way. Plants and herbs have proven their versatility in curing diseases like gout. One of these plants is the Stinging Nettle.

The Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is a herbaceous flowering plant which is native to Europe, North America, Northern Africa, and Asia. It has a long medical history that dates back to the medieval times.

How does a stinging nettle look like?

Stinging nettle has fine hair on the leaves and stems. It has small green flowers and and soft green leaves. When its spines are touched, they cause a painful sensation. Its stems are upright and rigid. Stinging nettles are abundant in places where annual rainfall is high.

What are the medicinal uses of stinging nettle?

Stinging nettle has been used to cure various diseases for a very long time. It is known to provide remedy for rheumatism, nasal inflammation, liver diseases, hypertension, colds and flu, diabetes, arthralgia, anemia, kidney stones, hemorrhage, heavy menstrual bleeding, prostate enlargement, skin allergies, nosebleeds, scalp and hair problems, burns, eczema, urinary tract infection, sprains and strains, insect bites, gout, and arthritic pain.

Stinging nettle contains astringent, diuretic and tonic properties, which control bleeding, clear toxins, and reduce blood sugar levels.

How can stinging nettle function as gout treatment?

There are plant compounds from the stinging nettle extract that can help reduce and control the level of uric acid in the body and prevent gout. Stinging nettles may provide relief to people who have excess uric acid build up in their bodies. It was revealed in a research that the therapeutic benefits of the stinging nettle are derived from its anti-inflammatory action. Since it has anti-inflammatory effects, it can be used to soothe the swelling of the joints and the excruciating pain caused by gout.

Stinging nettles have been used for gout treatment through the method called flagellation. Flagellation is a process of beating or whipping the human body. The method is done by taking a handful of stinging nettles and slaps the painful areas of the body repeatedly. This was the earliest method to treat gout.

Nowadays, can be used as gout treatment through varied ways. One way is to use it as a compress or cream to the affected areas. Another is by chopping the plant and applying it on top of the painful or inflamed areas. Another way is through infusions. This can stimulate circulation and cleanse the system.

Stinging nettles are now available in the form of tea. The most common way to ease joint pains caused by gout is brewing a cup of stinging nettle tea. Tea made with nettles can stimulate the formation of red blood cells in the body. Stinging nettles are also available as powder, extract, dried leaf, and capsule.

Although the use of this plant as an herbal medicine is proven through time, it is best when it is done with caution and as directed.

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