Natural Herbal Gout Treatments

Treating gout could be very expensive, and it could drill a hole into your pockets if the pains drive you to get a cure. You could go to the hospital for medical treatments, and you could be written very costly prescription drugs that would keep you wondering whom you have offended. But there are natural herbal gout treatments that would not cost you as much, and they have been proven to work like magic in reducing the pains and swellings of gout within a significant period of use. In fact, many people have reported dramatic results within a day or two of using a gout treatment like cherries. There are many natural herbal gout treatments around the place, and depending on your location, many of them have been found to have great impact in treating gout.

One of the natural herbal gout treatments is cherry. Cherries come in various sizes and colors, but the organic property giving them each a particular color has been found to be very effective in curing gout. Cherries contain anthocyanidins, a flavonoids agent that acts by hindering the production of uric acid in the body, and thereby reducing the incidence of gout in the body. Uric acids are produced as a normal metabolic process, but its increased production rate could go up when you also eat food like red meat, turkey or chicken, salmon and mackerel, and some other legumes. Excess uric acid could also be found injurious to the body to the extent of causing gout when the kidneys cannot simply process them again to be expelled from the body. Gout could be very painful and swollen if not treated in time, and while many have come and gone without any treatment per se, many others could cause deformity and lameness in the legs.

Apart from cherry as a natural gout treatment, vitamin C supplements have been found to be very good in treating gout. Some people who had gout were placed on vitamin C for two months in a recent study, and it was found that their blood uric acid levels were much reduced as a result of the supplement; and another group that was placed on placebo as a control experiment was found to have their blood uric levels constant after two months. However, it might be best to always speak with your doctor before using vitamin C as a gout treatment method.

When you eat lots of veggies and use natural herbs like devil’s claw foot, the white willow bark, ginger roots and meadowsweet, cayenne, licorice, boswelia and feverfew among other herbs are known to be very good in treating and curing gout. You can also use safflower, lime, ginger, mustard, French beans and cucumber among others to cure of gout. A qualified alternative herbal practitioner must sanction this herbal gout treatment before you use them to treat and cure gout, this is to ensure that proper dosage is taken and there is not risk of overdose or side effects.


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