How to Use Papaya in Treating Gout Disease

Having to suffer from gout is not something anyone should remotely dream about, and it is not something you might even want to wish your enemy. It is painful, it is terrible, it is disgusting and it is disgraceful. People who suffer from the gout disease can barely walk well with their feet and they have more pains wearing shoes or any other form of footwear. They cannot attend social functions without giving themselves away as having gout and the more they stay at home the more painful the problems become.

It must be noted here that while gout is mainly caused by our diets, it can also be cured by what we eat, and this is where papaya comes along in gout treatment. When you understand the medical conditions behind having gout, and how this is related to what we eat, then you will understand how a change in diet, especially with the use of papaya can help in gout treatment. What then is gout and why can it be an embarrassing disease to have?

Gout is a disease that is developed when the body cannot effectively process the amount of uric acid in the body, as a result of the failures of the liver and the kidneys to do this. There are certain kinds of food we eat like broccoli, fatty foods and veggies among others that increase the incidence of developing gout, but papaya has been found very helpful among the kinds of foods that could help you in the treatment of gout. When we eat foods that cause gout, they are broken down.  When the uric acid they produce cannot be properly managed by the necessary body organs, they become uric acids which can be very excess in the body, but with the use of papaya the amount of uric acid in the body can be greatly managed and brought under control to heal gout.

Gout develops when the uric acids in the body become so much that they have to form crystals around body joints like the big toes, the ankles, the knees, the wrists and the elbows; but the pain disease affects the big toes more and this is where the pain really is. There is swelling and inflammations of the affected big toes or other joints when the body’s defense mechanisms try to fight off the crystallization of the uric acid in the joints, and with this comes the pains and the tenderness.

To use papaya for gout treatment, you have to eat lots and lots of the fruit and this is killing two birds with one stone: you enjoy the taste of eating the papaya and you treat your gout by eating it. To eat the papaya for gout treatment, you have to slice it into eatable sizes and then remove the seeds. You can then scoop the flesh into a bowl by using a spoon or some other device to get this done. You can then eat the scooped flesh together with dessert or some other fruits, or you eat it alone. Alternatively, you can also put the sliced papaya flesh into an electric blender and then blend to make a thick yogurt; you can then add some strawberries or some other fruits and oatmeal to make a good mix for yourself.

You can then add some honey and some ice cubes, or alternatively you can refrigerate the thick yogurt blend mix overnight to get an enjoyable drink papaya juice for gout treatment.

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