How to Use Home Remedies for Gout

A disease, which involves recurrent attacks of inflammatory arthritis (i.e. a red tender hot swollen joint), is known as gout. Reason for this disease is; increased level of uric acid in blood, which is precipitated into crystal shape and get deposited in joints, tendons and surrounding tissues. In most of the cases symptoms of gout involves pain in big toe. This pain is usually followed by trauma or injury of any kind but its attack may result in effecting joints other than big toe like joints of hands, legs, arms etc. The disease is popular among both men and women.

Uric acid is precipitated only if somebody is taking a very high amount of uric acid or uric acid is unable to get excreted properly. If someone feels long-term pain in joints and his/her joints seem swollen, he/she should go for uric acid test. Uric acid test is a test of uric acid crystals and it is done by using a syringe to take a small amount of fluid from joint. This fluid is then examined under microscope. If there are any uric acid crystal, they became visible while microscope examination. Doctors recommend corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce acute pain in joints.

These medicine help in relieving the pain and help in prevention of these issues for the next time. Although these medicines have a good effect but they cannot help in complete eradication of the disease. For this reason, home remedies and precautionary measures are thought to have a better effect as compared to medication. Precautionary measures involves losing weight to reduce blood urate levels, avoiding alcohol; as it increases urate and effects the body’s excretion ability etc.

Home remedies are a better option as well; as they do not result in any side effects. These remedies can either have an improving effect or have no effect but they do not create any bad impact on health. Most useful home remedies are intake of thyme, use of cherries, increased usage of water, application of cold water over effected area, use of garlic etc.

Next question which arises in somebody’s mind is; how to use these remedies. Let us talk about thyme tea first; thyme is very famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, it works the same way as inflammatory products do. That is why it is a good source to get a relief from gout. Second, one is the cherry intake; they have high ratio of magnesium and vitamin C, which helps to neutralize uric acid. So, intake of cherries in any form whether it is in form of salad or juice.

The simpler remedy is using high amount of water; drinking lot of water helps in uric acid excretion easier. It facilitates removal of acid from your body and its excretion as well. You can use garlic in this context; it reduces the growth of uric acid accumulation in human body. If you are a gout patient, these remedies are going to help you for sure in preventing and relieving the disease.

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