How to Treat Gout with Chinese Medicine

Gout, a type of arthritis, is one of the most painful diseases, usually caused with uric acid produced in excess amount in the body. When the body gets unable to breakdown, the purines present in the food, then as a result surplus of uric acid is produced which gets accumulated in joints causing pain. The inability of kidney or liver to take out waste material from the body can be the reason for storage of excess uric acid. Along with severe pain in joints, a person having gout also suffers with swelling, redness and ache. Due to pain, the patient becomes unable to enjoy easier and simple things like walking.

Gout mostly affects middle aged men while in the women can get this disease, it is more common for a woman when she is going through her post-menopausal period. Its attack occurs mostly at nights with an unbearable pain followed by swelling, and irritation around the affected joint. Normally an attack occurs on one joint at a time but occasionally two joints also get affected which are at close proximity. Its symptoms normally appear on the lower extremes of the body, and will last for a few hours to some days.

The treatment of gout greatly involves the symptomatic treatment for severe attacks, lowering the level of uric acid in the blood and prevention of future accumulation of excess uric acid. Different Chinese herbs and medicines can effectively treat gout as compared to other western medicines.

One of the best Chinese herbs is Meadow saffron that is widely used against gout since past centuries. The medical ingredient in it is colchicine, which plays a major part in treating gout. Because Meadow Saffron is so strong and results in different side effects, it is good to use the diluted version of this herb for treating gout. If any side effect such as pain, weakness, diarrhea, or vomiting etc. is noticed, discontinuing its use would be better option. That is why it is highly recommended to take this herb of course with a doctor’s permission. If no complications are noticed during, the use, and patient expect improvements in the disease then he can stop the medication once the symptoms get reduced or subsided.

Si Miao wan, also known as Four Marvel Pill, is another traditional Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of gout. It formula is the combination of different ingredients like licorice, alisma, polygoni, cuspidate, coicis, lonicetra stem, melia and hoelen spirit etc.

This herbal medicine helps to reduce the swelling, impassiveness and pain in the joints. It greatly helps to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood. Normally, a daily dosage of this specific medicine is prescribed to the patient to take daily, and need to be continued for ten days.

Gout chi, another good natural Chinese herbal medicine is greatly helpful to get relieve from the pain, redness, swelling and irritation around the gout affected joints. It is also highly beneficial for preventing the future gout attacks. It also helps the flow of urine go through the kidneys helping to decrease uric acid level within the blood. It also includes many ingredients like smilax root, corktree, clematis, sophora, plantain seed, coin grass and alisma.

Along with taking herbal medicines, it is better to discontinue the intake of purine rich foods, sea food, protein rich foods and alcohol, once you had identified the gout. Including more cherries, blackberries and purple grapes, and juicy fruit in your diet helps to reduce the pain and swelling caused with gout. You should make sure to increase your water intake and juices to increase the elimination of uric acid from the body.

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