How to Cure Gout with Chinese Medicine

To many people, gout is the most painful disease. Gout is usually caused with the production of excess amount of uric acid that is in the human body. When the body becomes unable to metabolize the food purines, then excess of uric acid is produced as a result, which gets collected in joints that cause severe pain.

The storage of excess uric acid is caused due to the failure of liver or kidney for the excretion of waste materials from the body. The disease commonly affects middle aged men, and in the case of women the occurrence is more in the post-menopausal period. Its attack mostly occurs at nights with an insufferable pain along with swelling, and irritation around the affected joint. Usually the attack occurs on one joint at a time but sometimes two joints also get affected which are close.

Normally its symptoms appear on the lower parts of the body, and will remain for a few hours to days. The ailment causes swelling, redness, inflammation and ache which generally shows up in the toes an in other joints of the body. The patient becomes incapable to enjoy easier and simple things like walking.

Severe attacks greatly involve the symptomatic treatment, in which the uric acid level that is in the blood is controlled, and future accumulation of excess uric acid is prevented. Medicines and drugs, and diet as well as a few ancient Chinese herbal remedies help to get rid of symptoms. Many Chinese medicine and herbs are more helpful for the treatment as compared to other western medicines.

Four Marvel Pill also known as Si Miao wan, is an additional traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of gout attacks whose formula is composed of different ingredients like licorice, polygoni, alisma, cuspidate, lonicetra stem, coicis, hoelen and melia spirit etc. The medicine is highly helpful to reduce the swelling, redness and pain in the joints, to reduce the level of uric acid that is within the blood. Normally, the medicine need to be continued for ten days prescribed as one dose daily to the patient.

Meadow Saffron is one of the best Chinese medicines widely used against gout. Colchicine is the medical ingredient in this herb, which plays a vital role in treating the severe attacks. As Meadow saffron is highly strong causing different side effects, so it’s good to use the diluted form of this herb for the treatment. If any side effect like pain, weakness, diarrhea, or vomiting etc. is noticed, it would be better option to discontinue its use. This herb is highlty reccommended only with the prescription of a doctor. During the use, if no complications are noticed and patient expects improvements in the disease then he can stop the use of medicine once the symptoms get reduced.

Another good natural herbal Chinese medicine is Gout chi which is greatly helpful to get rid from the pain, swelling and irritation around the affected joints. It is also highly useful to prevent the future attacks. It also stimulates the flow of urine through the kidneys, therefore helpful to reduce level of uric acid within the blood. Its formula is also composed of different ingredients such as Smilax Root, Alisma, Clematis, Sophora, Plantaiukn Seed, and Coin Grass.

With the use of herbal medicines, discontinuing the intake of purine rich foods, sea food, protein rich foods and alcohol is also beneficial, once you had identified the gout. Cherries, blackberries and purple grapes, and juicy fruit in your diet are very useful in helping to reduce the pain and swelling caused with the disease. Intake of more water and juices to your diet increases the elimination of uric acid from the body.

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