How To Treat Gout Naturally

Many people believe that they only way to treat most any ailment is by getting some drugs from the local pharmacy. While this may be true in some cases, most cases can be treated without any drugs whatsoever. If you have ever had a bout with gout, you most likely have gone to doctor to get medical attention and some “feel good” drugs. Well, we have some good news for you; you do not always need to go to the doctor or get some of those expensive “feel good” drugs.

Gout is one kind of sickness, that even after treating it with drugs you are still likely to have to take some personal precautions (i.e. natural precautions). Some these methods may be expensive, especially for those who are struggling financially. Thankfully, there are some methods that do not require one to visit a medical doctor and go through a lot of check-ups and procedures to diagnose them. Some of these methods may even be faster than the prescriptions that are given by the doctors; drugs are only a temporary fix anyhow.

Almost all doctors will agree that a proper diet will help reduce and/or eradicate any bouts of gout. This is because food contributes to your overall health. We have all heard the common phrase “You are what you eat”; well, this is pretty much true. If you eat food that harms your body, your body will let you know it.

Gout is a painful medical condition that feels like needles being pushed into your body. This needle like pain is from deposits of uric acid crystals stored in your body. Purines break down in the body and leave uric acid deposits in your body. This is why we believe that gout can be, and should be, treated naturally. Remember, drugs are only a temporary fix. Do you just want to bandage the problem for a few hours or fix it forever?

Any person suffering from gout should eat food that does not have more than thirty percent of their caloric intake from fats. Also, it is recommended that their caloric intake of animal fats remain at or below ten percent. In addition to that, they should ensure that their food is rich in carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. Finally, the food should also be low on proteins from lean meats and poultry.

Whenever one begins to fill any pain they should soak that area in a soothing bath. Place a cup of salt into a small basin that is filled with water. Add a half cup of vinegar that is apple cider and has medicinally activated charcoal. Soak for thirty minutes and then remove the affected area. You should notice a decrease in pain.

Naturally treating gout is very inexpensive, especially if you handle your gout properly. Doctors lose money when they are not prescribing pain medications; however, most doctors will agree that if you can handle your gout naturally, then you should. Remember, your body tells you when something is wrong. If your body is hurting from gout, then stop feeding the problem. Diet right and follow the natural remedies listed above and you should be gout free in no time.

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