How to Relieve Gout Symptoms

Quick action regarding gout inflammation considerably speeds healing process. When gout symptoms are treated instantly, a gout attack will begin to mend within 2 days. Those who ignore the symptoms of a gout attack on the rise generally suffer more and longer, generally days to weeks of pain.  It is important to always know upfront how to relieve gout symptoms when you first notice them to help keep the pain and suffering to a minimum.

First off, you should consult with your doctor and discuss if you need to take a gout test if you are experiencing symptoms of gout but have never been properly diagnosed. The test is done by extracting a little amount of fluid from your joint to be tested. You may have to have a serum urate test if the doctor sees fit. This is a blood test that will spot uric acid flowing in your system.

Rest Up

The best way to relieve your sore joints is to get plenty of rest.  You should not try to walk with your gouty knee or toe. You should use ice to try to keep any swelling down.   You should leave the ice pack on for twenty minutes and then off for twenty minutes. Keep in mind you should never put the ice directly on the skin, but instead cover the ice with a towel or put it in a bag.  Try to keep as much pressure off any gouty joint as you probably already know, any additional burden aggravates the joint soreness.

Change Your Diet

You have to change your diet plan or diet chart. Keep away from the foods that are dowsed with a lot of Purine. Some foods include sardines, organ meats, dried legumes, as well as anchovies.  If you boost your consumption of cherries and strawberries, you may see a slight improvement, as these two fruits are helpful to relieve gout pain. A number of studies recommend these two fruits.  They assist to cure gout. At the same time, you have to consume a minimum of two, if possible, three quarts of water each day. Keep away from smoking as well as alcoholic drinks.

Take Your Medicine

Keeping a routine of taking your prescribed medications as directed by your doctor will help you to keep your gout at bay.  Some over the counter drugs will also help with the inflammation.

There are also alternative methods to making sure your gout stays as distant as possible.  Celery Seed Extract works by aiding to decrease your uric acid levels as well as to decrease inflammation.  You can also take Nettle Root. Nettle Root functions through aiding to encourage the removal of uric acid from your kidneys.

Pay Attention To Your Symptoms

No matter what, you should be ready to fight your gout when the smallest symptom arises.  This will help you prevent any major gout attacks that might be ready to rear their nasty head.  Gout is one of the most painful diseases and if you can keep it under control you will be able to continue to live a wonderful pain free life.

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