How to Massage Feet to Relieve Gout

It is true that gout is an excruciating condition that appears on your joint. It is generally most familiar in your big toe. When it affects the big toe, the toe will turn out to be red, swollen and at the same time burning to the touch. If you have already experienced gout, then you are one that understands how much pain gout can bring to your life, so much so that it has been known to rouse sufferers from a deep sleep.

If gout is the reason for your symptoms, you will find it interesting to know that the kidney lowers capability to process with gout. Sometimes this is because of an improper diet that is filled of meat as well as low in water. This causes the urine to settle down and crystallize inside your joints. There are a few gout treatments, which need medicine, prescribed from a medical doctor. There are also a few natural methods to alleviate gout and one of those natural techniques is foot massage.

In this article, you will get a complete guide to help you get rid of the gout by proper foot massage. First off, you should begin by taking off your shoes as well as your socks and sit on a cushioned, soft surface. In this case, soft sofas will work well. While in position, you will need to begin massaging your foot. You should lean back slightly as well as bring your feet towards you in a comfortable position where you can relax while you massage. Take your left foot and place it down upon your right knee at your ankle so that your foot hangs off just a bit. Now find the ball of the foot. That is the broad pad on your foot under the bottom of the toes. Now put force between this pad as well as the bottom of the big toe by the left thumb. You should offer as much force as you desire while massaging. Now, on the pinkish part of your foot, massage the point central between the heel as well as the bottom of your pinkish toe. You should massage this part for five or six minutes.

In addition, you will want to start massaging in little, clockwise rings on this specific area. You just need to do this massaging for around five or six minutes. You can utilize the right thumb to give pressure or force. Continue to massage until you feel an ease of pain or until you decide to stop.

You should do the other foot once you are finished with the first one. You can start with whichever foot you prefer. If your right hand is your leading hand, then it is simpler to work on your left foot. If you are left handed, then if will be easier to massage the right foot, but it will not matter as you will want to massage both.

Massaging your feet to relieve gout can be extremely helpful and easy to do to help relieve some of the discomfort that is caused by gout problems.

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