How To Cure A Gout Attack

If you have ever experienced a gout attack, then you understand how painful it can be. Getting rid of the pain is your top priority. Gout happens when an excessive amount of uric acid crystals are stored in the connective tissues of your joints. Ordinarily, uric acid produced by the body is eliminated by the kidneys, but when too much is produced it gets store in the rest of the body, especially in your joints. Gout can cause you to feel an excruciating pain that is sensitive even to touch. Gout is also characterized by redness and swellings on the affected area. For most people, the pain and swelling is felt primarily on the big toe, ankles, arms, wrists or elbows. These painful periods are known as gout attacks. Interestingly, several studies have confirmed that 95% of sufferers are men as compared to their female counterparts who trail at only 5%.

These attacks can be cured through conventional medicine or though other treatments such as homeopathy (a natural treatment regimen). Treatment mainly focuses on eliminating pain and attacks in acute cases as well as guarding against future attacks and complications. With one gout attack, there is always a possibility of a re-occurrence at a latter period. Therefore, ongoing treatments may be necessary. For instance, cherries have been known for years to help in the effective treatment of this disease. These fruits are rich in a substance that helps in lowering the level of uric acid. For optimum results, cherries are best eaten on a daily basis. Moreover, citric acid found in apples is also suitable. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is also worth consuming to cure gout due its Vitamin C content.

Another way of curing gout attack is through the use of medications. Some of these drugs may include non-steroids anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) as well as allopurinols. NSAIDS are primarily the first prescriptive and commonly used medications. Allopurinols, on the other hand, are used as preventive medicine but not so much as curative. This works by reducing the excess production of uric acid in the body.

However, foods that are high in purine – a variant of uric acid, can also be avoided. Most people have always thought that gout attacks are somehow a result of eating meat products and drinking alcohol; no wonder it is referred to as the “rich man’s” disease. There is some truth in this myth in that both meat and alcohols, especially beer, are notoriously high in uric acid levels. Other foods worth avoiding may include cauliflower, sea foods and spinach.

Finally, your lifestyle has to be modified in order to cure your gout attacks. You will need to be totally disciplined when it comes to your diet, health and exercise regimen. There are simple, yet necessary, measures including weight reduction, moderate exercises and proper diet. To some effect, obesity has been linked with gout since it increases one’s chances of acquiring it. For longer term cures, increased consumption of milk products can be beneficial. Increased intake of water is also encouraged to help in minimizing the frequency and intensity of the painful periods. When all else fails, if you need instant relief, you should find a way to rest and elevate the affected area if possible.

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