How to Avoid Gout

Gout, a type of arthritis, is said to be the most painful disease, usually caused with uric acid produced in excessive amounts in the body. When the body is unable to breakdown the purines in the food, then an excess of uric acid is produced which gets accumulated in joints causing pain. If your kidneys, or liver, are struggling to rid your body of excess waste material, you could be storing excessive uric acid. Along with pain in joints, a person having such disease also suffers with swelling, redness and ache. Due to pain, the patient becomes unable to enjoy simple things like walking. As gout is one of the most painful aching ailments, thus it is necessary to avoid it.

It is a wise choice to avoid gout rather than thinking of methods once you have the disease. It’s good to concentrate on a healthy diet and the food items with a small amount of purines in order to enjoy a healthy life free from gout. Preventing the production of excess uric acid is necessary to avoid gout, and this is only possible by selecting an excellent diet plan lacking purines. High purine foods include dried beans, peas, mushrooms, and sea foods like sardines, herring, etc., so you need to avoid them to avoid gout.

In order to avoid gout, it’s necessary to limit the intake of alcohol, fats, and foods that possibly increase the level of uric acid in the body like meat, bacon, and yeast. Excessive use of alcohol, especially beer, not only increases the chances of gout but also increases lots of side effects like obesity and dehydration.

Water is necessary for a healthy body and you need to take care by drinking at least eight glass of water every day. Drinking the proper amount of water is helpful in reducing your acidity level or your uric acid. This also helps your kidneys to effectively process the uric acid. Drinking plenty of liquids, and staying adequately hydrated, is the best way to prevent gout and minimize the risk of kidney stones.

It is necessary to maintain an ideal body weight in order to decrease the pressure and stress on the joints. This can greatly reduce the chances of gout attacks as well as osteoarthritis. A healthy, balanced diet coupled together with regular exercise and a controlled intake of calories helps make the body fit and resistant to gout. Taking regular exercise increases the amount of synovial fluid that flows easily through body joints. This fluid washes out the waste material in your joints therefore helping you to excrete the uric acid out of your joints.

There are certain good foods that will really keep joints healthy and plays a great role in avoiding gout. The dairy foods and low-fat yogurt will also beneficial. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in order to lessen the chances of gout. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will also help you in maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight, as the vitamins and minerals found in these foods help the human body to operate more efficiently. Also mostly fruits and vegetables are low in purines like cherries. There are also some exceptions such as broccoli and artichokes, as these two vegetables be likely to be patient specific, so if you want to enjoy these foods, it would be good to try in small amounts and slowly increase to perceive if you have a problem or not.

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