Holistic Remedies For Gout

Holistic remedies for gout consist of a combination of supplements that address gout, using a holistic approach to curing gout the natural way. Certain homeopathic remedies can relieve pain from gout, help break down uric acid, strengthen the kidneys and increase uric acid elimination. Homeopathic medicine treats each person’s symptoms on an individual basis.

One homeopathic remedy for gout is the triple knock out (TKO), which provides three powerful pain management supplements. Arthritin is a natural anti inflammatory pain reliever that provides immediate pain relief for arthritis and gout by reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness. Arthritin contains thirty three anti inflammatory analgesic and diuretic ingredients that direct the body to reduce inflammation, swelling and stiffness. This range of ingredients creates a powerful formula, more effective than any one ingredient by itself. Buffer PH gets to the root of the problem by correcting body conditions that allowed the development of degenerative diseases. These powerful pain supplements allow the patient to: stop taking anti inflammatory pain relievers; have no more concern over long term damage of prescription and over the counter medications; get relief to live your lifestyle without disruptions; do not let gout dictate what you can and cannot do; and regain a pain free life. While conventional medications for treatment carry several side effects, holistic remedies for gout do not require taking additional medicines.

Holistic remedies for gout help the body by relieving the symptoms and thus, eliminating the pain. Holistic treatments can lower uric acid levels in the body by flushing the system or neutralizing the uric acid. Ten to twelve glasses a day of water a day should be consumed. Alkaline water is recommended to help flush out uric acid faster. Uric acid can be neutralized with a solution of water and baking soda. For weight loss, eat foods that are water soluble fibers, fruits and vegetables, because they assist in ridding the body of impurities, cholesterol, fat, uric acid and other toxins. Changes in diet will help in relieving inflammation and pain of gout. Foods that provide relief of symptoms include blueberries, black cherries, fresh or frozen cherries, strawberries and grapes. Celery sticks and spices such as cayenne pepper, fresh garlic clove and parsley have anti inflammatory and diuretic properties. Red clover is good for detoxifying the body and thinning the blood. Food that is high in magnesium and low in calcium, such as multi grains, bananas and potatoes, reduce the frequency of gout attacks.  Eating fish two to three times a week may also reduce inflammation. Supplements, if taken as directed, have essential fatty acids for repairing and healing tissues. Vitamin B reduces stress, which is a major factor in gout flare ups. Vitamin C reduces uric acid levels in the bloodstream. Herbs, such as grape seed, turmeric, celery seed and yucca neutralize uric acid’s harmful effects on the joints and calms inflammation.

Other holistic remedies for gout include alternating hot and cold compresses on the affected joints and acupuncture, which can be used to stimulate the flow of energy and increase the health of the vital organs that are involved in the production of uric acid. By reducing the inflammation and infection in affected joints, the swelling will decrease and the pain relieved. All these holistic remedies for gout relieve symptoms.

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