Herbal Treatments for Gout

With time, one could treat gout as effectively with herbal medicines as much as one could treat it with conventional medical medications. Gout treatment comes in various forms and conditions, but where any medical attempts have failed to yield much result, then alternative herbal therapies should be used. However, it must be noted that herbal intervention must only be used under the close supervision of a trained and qualified alternative herbal practitioner; in this case, the herbal intervention could be used to supplement or complement the medical gout treatment procedures. What then are the herbal gout treatment methods that can be used or applied in the home?

  • Flamasil: This is a herbal product that have been used to some little success treat gout. Many users have reported that they have experienced reduced pains in swollen joints, and it has helped to eliminate soreness around inflamed areas. Using this herbal product could be all you will need to get your gout treatment underway.
  • Cherry: Eating cherries per day and drinking juice that contain natural cherry extracts have been known to help inhibit the production of uric acid in the body, and this has helped to flush out the little that could remain with water and the anthocyanidins contained in cherry fruits and drinks.
  • Vitamin C: If you have gout, taking vitamin C has been proven to dramatically help in curing you of this ailment. The exact relationship between vitamin C and gout treatment is still being investigated, but it has been shown to induce dramatic uric acid reduction among users.
  • Dandelion: Dandelion has been found to be very effective and good in detoxifying the body system, and many alternative medical experts believe it would do gout treatment real good if employed. Dandelion can be taken as an herbal tea and you could use it in your soup to help energize your liver and kidney for their cleansing functions.
  • Devil’s claw: This herb is also very good reducing the uric acid in the blood, and it also helps the liver and kidney to stimulate cleansing any excess uric acid from the body. The devil’s claw also relieves pains from swollen joints and painful gout areas. Taking this according to the required dosage per day would do well in curing you of your gout problem.
  • Gravelroot: You can buy this herb in its powder form, and you can easily measure two table spoons into clear water and drink this thrice daily. It has been shown to cleanse the body of uric acid and also eliminate other toxic matter from the bloodstream. Buying the tea pack from a chemist shop would really do you good, and your gout treatment would be greatly improved by taking this on a daily basis.
  • Rosehips: Rosehips are also very good in helping the body to get rid of uric acids. And you must know at this stage that you must always drink a lot of water as a most natural way of flushing out excess uric acids from the body. Water helps in no small measure, and you must consider it a medication to be taken at all times without measurement in itself.

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