Grapefruit Juice For Gout

Gout is an arthritic condition, which is characterized by sudden, severe joint pain, usually in the feet. Sharp needle-like urate crystals form around the joints starting in the big toe. Gout is a condition that occurs when uric acid crystals are formed in the blood. These crystals collect in the joints, tendons and adjacent tissues, causing a chronic attack that can last up to one week. The big toe joint is most often affected. People suffering from gout experience red, swollen joints, which may be hot and extremely sensitive to touch. Gout does not happen overnight. The process of crystal build up may take months or years. When it reaches a critical level, a painful gout attack occurs.

Hereditary and dietary factors may contribute to the development of gout and the severity of the symptoms. While there are no cures for gout, some home treatments, such as drinking grapefruit juice, may alleviate symptoms and reduce gout outbreaks. A physician or dietician should be consulted before beginning a treatment program.

There are several benefits for grapefruit juice for gout. It is suggested to drink eight to sixteen cups of water and fruit juices, especially grapefruit juice, every day. This offers two benefits to gout sufferers. First, the fluids flush the uric acid from the joints, alleviating the pain and decreasing the chance of having another occurrence. In addition, the grapefruit juice for gout increases the level of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, which helps prevent gout attacks. Grapefruit juice for gout helps decrease gout because of its high levels of vitamin C. A single cup of grapefruit juice for gout covers more than one hundred twenty per cent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C based on a two thousand calorie daily diet. The increased level of vitamin C in grapefruit juice makes it an excellent dietary choice for anyone with a tendency toward gout. It is important to maintain a good level of general health and the fruit helps balance the acidifying properties of meat and fish, promoting good general health. Enjoying fruit snacks between meals is a great way to maintain the alkalinity.

Grapefruit is one of the fruits that are considered safe and beneficial to consume with gout. Grapefruit juice for gout contains fruit flavors and nutrients. Eight ounces, or one cup, of unsweetened pink grapefruit juice contains ninety-six calories, twenty-three grams of carbohydrates, four hundred milligrams of potassium and ninety-four milligrams of vitamin C. A study completed in 2009 indicated that men who consumed less than two hundred fifty milligrams of vitamin C per day had an increased risk of developing gout, while the men who consumed fifteen hundred milligrams of vitamin C daily, through juices, food or supplements, had forty five per cent less chance of developing gout. Researchers determined that vitamin C appeared to reduce the body’s level of uric acid. Keeping to a diet of mostly plant based, low fat food will improve overall health and lower the chance of gout attacks.

Eat whole, natural foods and reduce the consumption of processed foods. These foods produce uric acid upon protein digestion and may trigger gout outbreaks. Florida is the leading grapefruit producer with twelve different varieties, white flesh, pink flesh or red flesh.

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