Gout Symptoms

The early gout symptoms can be noted with severe pains in the muscle joints, caused due to anomalous metabolism of uric acid in the blood and the tissues. It is an acute medical condition causing frequent attacks of severe inflammatory arthritis. With early diagnosis of the symptoms of gout, and proper treatment and exercise, such severe arthritis medical syndrome can be successfully cured.

Gout is an acute medical syndrome caused by the excess of uric acid formation in the tissues and blood cells. This leads to the formation of uric acid crystals in the fluids of tissues and joints causing recurrent attacks of severe joint inflammations. The early symptoms of gout are typically marked with red, hot, tender swollen joints, especially at the bottom of the big toe. If such early symptoms of gout are neglected, chronic gout disease can lead to not only inflammatory arthritis in the muscle joints and tissues, but also causes lumps of uric acids to accumulate in and around the muscle joints, kidney malfunction and also leading to kidney stones. Common gout symptoms become evident with extreme painful attacks in the muscles and joints causing heat and swelling of the joint tissues. Severe joint inflammatory attacks in gouty arthritis are caused with the white blood cells engulfing the uric acid crystals around the joint tissues and fluids, and releasing harmful chemicals that escalate joint inflammation. Such critical medical condition can damage the joint tissues forever, almost causing physical disability.

However, with early detection of the essential gout symptoms, and triggering the issue through effective medication, dietary control and proper exercises, gout can be essentially treated from the roots. It is important to understand and analyze the symptoms of gout properly and consult the doctor for proper treatment at the earliest level only.

The preliminary symptoms of gout are marked with red, hot, tender swelling of the big toes tissues, and are the most common signs of acute gouty arthritis. Such severe inflammation and acute pain at the base of the big toe is medically termed as podagra. It is a severe pinching painful attack that causes the tissues to become numb for the time being. Such symptoms of gout can be felt on a regular basis, and become unbearable with due course of time. The other joint muscles that are more prone to gout attacks are the fingers, ankle, elbow, wrist and knees. The tenderness and swelling of these joint tissues can be so intense that even a touch becomes unbearable for the patient. Such gout symptoms and attacks are noticed in a patient for an hour or two, with or without any proper medication. In certain cases, such attacks last for a week or two with recurrent inflammatory pain and other health issues.

The first few symptoms of gout can be noticed in just one or two body muscles, but with frequent attacks and prolonged non-treatment, such symptoms can also become evident in multiple joints causing serious health issues and complete physical disability as well. The initial symptoms of gout and attacks are generally seen during the night, which is often confused as a dislocated or broken toe. Whatever be the circumstances, such prior tingling sensations in the muscle joints needs to be consulted with the doctor at the earliest. Kidney stones and malfunctions are other serious symptoms of gout that require early consultation and treatment. With early diagnosis of the uric acid crystals on the outer part of the joints like the elbow, fingers, earlobe, ankle and other tissues, such crystals can be removed with a needle for further medical examination.

Sometimes the preliminary symptoms of gout cannot be properly diagnosed, and can be confused with muscle sprain, infections or other illness. Such confusion and negligence can essentially worsen the situation, as in most cases such painful attacks are supposed to be caused by sprain or an injury, and are generally neglected with only some preliminary self-prescribed medication. However, if the pain and swollenness persists for a week or two, it needs immediate medical consultation and proper treatment at the earliest.

With any of the early gout symptoms like red swelling around the joints, excruciating painful attacks, numbness of the tissues and inability to move, can be marked as essential gout syndrome, and needs proper medication and dietary controls.

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