Gout in Knee

Have you ever had any injury to your kneecap before…how did you feel? Could you walk or run with the knee injury, and could you rush off to work with it? Anyone can liken gout in knee disease to the foregoing questions. Gout in knee could be one of the very worst things to ever happen to anyone, and unless it is treated in due time, it can incapacitate a man beyond what could be imagined. Gout can attack any parts of the body, especially the joints and the big toes, but it can eventually spread to the knees if adequate care is not taken.

Many patients would find themselves suddenly bedridden at home in the morning without any previous warning due to gout in knee attack. It has often happened that many patients would report that the gout problem started during the night or when they awake in the morning.  That goes to show that gout attack could come without any warnings. What then is the cause of gout in the knee attack?

Gout is a disease that starts up when the uric acid levels in the body are not properly managed for elimination by the kidneys and the liver. Uric acid is formed when foods are broken down in the body, and the liver or kidneys cannot sufficiently process these acids with the resultant effect that they become so abundant in the body. It is true that many people could have hereditary tendencies to develop gout, but it is made worse when your body cannot process the acid for elimination. When this uric acid becomes so much in the body, it starts to crystallize around the big toes and around body joints like the ankles, knees, the elbows and the wrists. With the crystallization of this uric acid around the joints and in the big toes, the body sends its white blood cells to fight the infection in the affected parts but the uric acid crystals react to these white cells and it results in the inflammation of the affected toes and joints. This inflammation leads to red marks, painful swellings and unbearable soreness or tenderness in the inflamed toes or joints, and there you have gout.

Gout in knee actually starts from gout in the big toes, but when the uric acid is not controlled then it continues to spread and crystallize in the joints like the knees, but with the action of the white blood cells, it reacts to cause very painful swellings and great discomforts. This gout in knee could make life rather unbearable, but the only way to minimize the condition is to avoid eating foods that are rich in purine and to take prescribed medications.

You must avoid purine rich foods like red meat, turkey, spinach, beetroot and salmon among others; and you must eat uric acid-inhibiting fruits like cherries and drink lots of water daily to flush out the acids from the body. When you are able to do this along with your regular medications, you will be totally free from gout in knee, perhaps for life.

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