Gout Home Remedies

Any kinds of pain in the joints or in the limbs can take an unbearable shape the state of being chronic and gout pain is one such arthritic condition wherein the patients’ joints get swelled up and inflamed recurrently accompanied with severe pain and immobility. The disease has been noted to have affected mostly men and women with post menopausal syndrome; however, it is also accompanied with disparate eating habits and over-indulgence in alcohol. The excruciating pains happening due to gout attack can actually lead to some really uneasy moments for the patients and thus home remedies can work wonder with their situations, as experts say that gout home remedies along with proper treatment and diet modulation can treat the bouts of pains due to gout and would keep the consequences under control. Let us then delve into some essential and important home remedies which can help the gout victims in dealing with the pain, swelling and tenderness with ease and efficiency.

As the disease is getting more and more common nowadays regardless of the age of the patients, gout home remedies are the most sought after way by most patients and gout sufferers. According to health experts gout is a condition that is triggered by unhealthy dietary habits and excessive alcohol consumption which leads to the disorder in uric acid formation and accumulation in body. Hence the best way to seek home remedies is to follow a healthy diet excluding food particles which can lead to a debilitated gout condition. Apart from the prescription medicines and external treatments and cures advised by the doctor, gout home remedies have proved to provide effective relief from the gout pains. The first of all home remedies that is often suggested to gout patients is to apply either cold or warmth pat on the area by using heating or cooling compresses in the affected area of the joints; alternating the application of hot or cold compresses in every 15 minutes, will alleviate the pain more effectively.

Another form of many home remedies is to have a foot bath with warm water mixed with extracts of ginger or Epsom salt. One can keep his/her foot immersed in the same for 30 minutes. Massaging your foot gently by pressing the area between the bottom of the big toe and the ball of the foot is another of all effective home remedies, which stimulates the painful area and eases out the same. One should be particular about the diet one have while suffering from gout problems and in-taking fruits rich in vitamin C like cherries and apples and bananas is considered as one of the best gout home remedies as it stabilizes and lowers the accumulation and ill-effects of uric acid in body. The compressed application of charcoal in the affected area of gout is one of the efficient home remedies which pull out the toxins form the body and the gout-area.

To form a bandage or a dressing out of the same one can mix half a cup of charcoal powder with few tablespoons of grounded flax seeds which then can be applied in the area after compressing the mixture. Another very good idea of all the home remedies is to apply the paste of mustard and wheat powder along mixed with some water in the gout affected area for some easy relief from the pain after leaving the same overnight. The mixture of a cup of vinegar with one teaspoon of pepper and some water is also considered as one of the effective home remedies. There are however various other factors which needs to be taken care of to optimize the good effects of home remedies and the patients or people prone to gout should be able to follow the health advice of keeping their weight under control and of keeping away from alcohol and foods which can cause to unhealthy accumulation of uric acid in the body which ultimately leads to gout pains and complications. One should also make sure to consume a healthy amount of fluids and fruit juices to flush out the toxins from the body. Last but not the least, diet and consumption should always be checked and consumed after doctor’s suggestion and advises.

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