Gout Foods

Gout being a highly-stung and painful arthritic joint-based disease, must be cured and treated at the earliest because of its aftereffects like swelling, tenderness and excruciating aches in the affected areas. The disease was previously known to be the ‘disorder of the wealthy people’ as they were known to consume foods and liquor rich in animal protein and purines, which the laymen generally cannot afford. The term ‘gout foods’ can be considered having two opposite meanings which would include foods that causes gout attacks and complications as well as foods which can prevent the pains of gout or can provide relief. Before knowing the list of negative or positive foods, it is important for the patients to first analyze the conditions which lead to painful gout attacks and how the consumption of foods can either debilitate or treat the conditions, depending upon what one eats and avoids.

The condition of gouts occur when our body produces more uric acid than needed, which is again induced by consuming negative gout foods rich in Purines and animal proteins, and get the same mix up in our blood forming painful and piercing crystals which then gets accumulated in our joints causing pains and immobility. Certain negative gout foods which are rich in purines and proteins increase the formation of this uric acid in our body which ultimately leads to painful gout attacks. Now let us start with knowing the list of those foods which trigger pains and complications related to gouts and this way we can help ourselves form keeping away from these particular gout foods. As we already came to know that foods rich in purines and high-amount of protein ultimately leads to gout pains and aggravations, thus we should be aware of the names of those foods which we should avoid to keep away from gouts.

The negative foods include organ meats like hearts, kidneys, liver and stomach of animals, mussels, smelt, yeast, herring and sea foods like fishes known as sardines, salmon and etc. While dealing with foods and about their proper information, it has to be kept in mind that there are certain foods which contain a moderate amount of purines in them but at the same time are often considered healthy for human hearts and for other nutritional values. Hence, with certain conditions and restrictions and limitations one can consume gout foods with moderate purines-contents like anchovies, grouse, mutton, bacon, turkey, trout etc, provided the consumers should be aware of the consumption methods of goof foods which should stabilize and minimize the ill-effects of these foods. After knowing of the foods which are either highly or moderately rich in gout-triggering purines contents, let us now concentrate of the positive or healthy foods which either provides relief or treatment or both to the gout patients and their related pain.

The list of foods which should be consumed by gout patients include a variety of fruits rich in vitamin C like strawberries, cherries, oranges, apples, blueberries and red-blue berries, bananas, celeries, tomatoes, green salads including tomatoes, capsicums, carrots, cucumbers, fresh vegetables like parsley, cabbages, kale and all kinds of green leafy vegetables, pineapples, red cabbage, red bell peppers, tangerines, potatoes, low-fat dairy products and many others like chocolates and cocoa, flax seeds, nuts and whole grains meals, tofu and foods rich in complex carbohydrates like cereals, pasta, rice, breads etc, as well as beverages like tea, green tea and coffee. For people suffering form gout pains, it is essential to know that they should stick to a diet which allows them to detoxify their body off the uric acid, the amount of which in body should never increase.

Doctors and health experts suggesting proper and balanced diet and food habits for gout patients also harp on the increased and stable intake of water and fruit juices as the same flushes out the toxins and uric acid out of our bodies and thus in a similar way consumption of vitamin C too helps us fight gout and its symptoms and effects and in many cases it has been found that people who have just started to get affected with gout treated themselves in very few days with just the help of repeated consumption of citrus fruits and natural vitamin C.

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