Gout Diet

A balanced and nutritional diet in gout, along with proper medication and regular exercises, can cause extreme relief to gouty arthritis attacks. A carbohydrate rich gout diet with lots of vegetables and fruit intake can keep gout disease at bay.

Acute gout syndrome is marked with excessive uric acid metabolism in the blood and joint tissues, causing the uric acid to accumulate in and around the muscle joints and within the joint fluids. Such needle like uric acid crystals causes severe red inflammation, tender soreness and unbearable painful attacks in the joints and body tissues. Such joint inflammatory attacks can be experienced in more than one body tissue, even leading to chronic arthritis and permanent disability in certain cases. If not diagnosed properly, and with lack of correct treatment, gout disease can lead to serious other medical syndromes in the body. Apart from regular medication, a proper and controlled diet in gout is also essential in important gout treatment, and improved relief.

A diet that is rich in carbohydrates, and significantly low on high proteins and high purines can essentially help in preventing and eliminating the formation of excessive uric acid in the body. Purine is a chemical present in the body as well as consumed with various foods that causes uric acid formation in the blood. While a low purine diet in gout may not essentially dis-balance the uric acid formation in the body, but an increased consumption of high purine foods can lead to increased uric acid metabolism causing acute gouty arthritis syndrome. As such, it is essential to avoid high-purine containing food, while maintaining a moderate low-purine diet. The foods that are high in purine content are organ meat, beer, yeast, sardine, meat extract, scallop, mackerel, herring, game meats and anchovies, and should be absolutely avoided while suffering from gout. However, a moderate consumption of low-purine food like low fiber cereals, white flour breads, peanut butter, nuts, fruit juice, low-purine vegetables, low fat cheese, gelatin, soft drink, tea and coffee can be included in the diet without any restriction.

It is also essential that the gout sufferers maintain a low-fat, low-protein diet that also prevents and controls the metabolism of excess uric acid in the body. Typical gout syndrome is also caused due to improper elimination of uric acid from the body. This also causes the excessive uric acid to accumulate around the tissues and joints, leading to acute painful attacks and inflammation. Thus, it is necessary for the kidney to function properly and flush away the unwanted fluids and chemicals from the body. As such, it is essentially significant to incorporate plenty of fluids and other necessary food items in your gout diet to prevent kidney malfunction.

A proper diet essentially incorporates the following food habit and nutritional controls:

• Avoid high-purine food items from your diet like asparagus, crab, liver, kidney, sardines, meat gravies and all the more. However, a balanced diet of peas, beans, cereals, bread, creamy soup and other low-purine vegetables can be consumed with no restriction.
• Harp on low-protein gout diet, and reduce the amount of meat consumption. Meat is very high in protein and is rich in components that increases uric acid metabolism.
• A low-fat diet that essentially eliminates high-fat dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, egg yolk, etc. can also control the formation of uric acid in the body.
• Drinking black cherry juice can prevent the gout attacks and shorten the duration of such painful botheration. However, this is not the artificial cherry juice containing lower percentage of cherry component and artificial flavors. The more authentic and healthy ones are available in the medical stores, and also into tablet format.
• Include a lot of carbohydrate rich food components in the gout diet, and plenty of low-purine vegetables, raw fruits, seeds, cereals and grains, nuts, strawberry and cherry.
• Foods rich in bromelain and Vitamin C should also be included in the diet.
• Drink plenty of water and fluids to keep your kidneys functional in flushing out the excess uric acid from the body.
• Eliminate any sort of alcohol beverages from the diet.
Maintain a proper and nutritional gout diet and keep acute gout arthritis at bay.

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