Gout Diet Menu

If you are not really aware of the specific causes of gout, you should be concerned about the same because a majority of people actually do not have much knowledge of the same until they will suffer from it. It is probably true that a gout diet menu is something that they are becoming familiar with for the first time. Gout is a condition where the uric acid levels increase in the blood and result in formation of crystals that gradually take the form of needle like structures that cause pain.

This condition occurs when the kidneys lose their ability to flush out excess uric acid from the body and it gets deposited in blood. It is impossible to avoid the entire production of uric acid but simply because it is one of the inbuilt body processes that occurs in the digestive system with the breaking up of chemical compounds being broken down into uric acid as a derivative. Usually, the kinds of food that we consume contains different levels of purine and a typical diet menu should always contain low levels of purine and if you are able to maintain a low uric acid content in blood, you will be able to avoid the formation of uric acid crystals that get deposited in the joints causing pain and inflammation.

Successful Tips for Gout Diet

According to the guidelines of gout diet menu that is devised by American Medical Association, it is necessary to make sure that the gout diet many includes the following:

– Increased Quantities of complex carbohydrates such as high fiber grains, vegetables, high fiber cereals and fruits.

– Reduced quantities of protein out of which only fifteen percent comes from lean meats, soya bean and poultry products.

– Only thirty percent of calories should come from fats out of which ten percent is being contributed by animal fats.

However, have you wondered how to prepare a gout diet menu by maintaining the above guidelines and what are the types of food that should be necessarily included in the menu of a patient suffering from gout attacks? You can check the foods that are listed below.

• All kinds of berries such as blueberry, strawberry and cherries.
• Fruits such as grapes, pineapple and banana and celery seed that are to be boiled in two cups of water and prepared like tea that is to be consumed throughout the day.
• Tomatoes and leafy vegetables such as parsley, kale and cabbage.
• All foods that include Vitamin C such as tangerines, oranges, mandarins, potatoes and red cabbage.
• The entire range of complex carbohydrates such as cereals, nuts, pasta and breads.
• About eight glasses of water per day along with fruit juices.
• Milk and other dairy products that is low in fat content such as yoghurt, cheese and milk.
• Beverages such as tea, cocoa and coffee.
• Omega 3 fatty acids that is present in fish and fish oils and also in plant sources such as flax seed and nuts.
• Consuming tofu instead of meat products.

A majority of people who suffer from gout are obese or overweight and it is necessary for them to lose weight because their bodies also contain excessive levels of carbohydrate. If you are obese, you should try to consider a diet menu for gout, which would help you to lose weight or you can consider a change in your dietary habits. All foods that are high in ‘purine’ such as sweetbreads, herring, bacon, liver, scallops and protein rich foods such as pork, poultry, meat, liver beef, pork and fish are also to be consumed in lesser quantities. You should also try to reduce the intake of soft drinks and it is necessary to read the ingredients of the drink before consuming them.It is necessary to perform exercises to remain in shape and one should continue to exercise but only by following the instructions of the physiotherapist.
In other words, following a gout diet menu is one of the most effective ways to prevent gout attacks and reduce weight and while you can reduce your weight to a large extent, it will also provide you with an avenue to remain healthy and happy.

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