Gout Causes

There can be a number of important gout causes that leads to Hyperuricemia, and severe joint inflammations in the human body. For an effective gout treatment, it is important to understand and analyze the essential causes of gout in every patient in order to cure this rheumatic disease from its roots.

Gout has been a serious medical condition prevailing in almost 275 out of every 100,000 people in the world. With extreme lifestyle dis-balance and certain abnormal health conditions are the key causes of gout, and can be cured if medically treated on time. However, there are several other vital reasons behind developing this metabolic disease in human beings. While all gout patients may not be suffering from the same gout symptoms, similarly, the causes of gout for all the patients need not be same. For early detection and proper treatment, it is essential to identify these individual causes of gout and likewise, prescribe medication and food supplements to control such acute attacks and inflammation in each patient. Though the bigger reason behind gout disease remains the same in all cases, i.e. Hyperuricemia, there may be different reasons behind the cause of such Hyperuricemia in different individuals. These are those significant causes of gout that, if properly diagnosed, can eventually lead to proper treatment and relief.

Formation of uric acid in our body is caused due to the metabolism of the food components and breaking down of the body tissues during normal turnover of blood cells. With proper excretion system, such uric acid component is flushed out of the body with urine. However, during certain health conditions and food habits, the uric acid formation in the blood abnormally escalates, and cannot be eliminated from the body due to either kidney malfunction or other health issues. Such elevation in uric acid level causes accumulation of such acid in and around the muscle joints and other body tissues. These uric acid crystals are one of the main causes of gout that results in inflammation and acute painful attacks in the joints. About 10% of the total gout patients are ‘over-producers’ of uric acid in the body, while the rest 90% cannot eliminate their excess uric acid component in urine, and are medically termed as ‘under-excreters.’ This difference in body metabolism essentially depends on various other causes of gout and lifestyle situations.

The gender, inherited genes and nutritional factors play a significant role in gout development in human body, and are some of the essential gout causes in men and women. It is expected that genetics has a significant role to play in developing chronic gout syndrome and other health issues. Inherited genes from the family contribute to almost 60% variation in the level of uric acid in the blood. If the parents are suffering from gouty arthritis or the family has a history of gout disease or Hyperuricemia in past, the subsequent offspring has 20% probability of developing gout syndrome. And not just Hyperuricemia, but several other genetic disorders like critical kidney diseases or Hyperuricemia nephropathy can also cause acute gout syndrome in human beings. Thus, genetics is one of the significant gout causes in human body and chronic arthritis as well.

Gender is one of the other important causes of gout that determine the chances of developing gouty arthritis in men and women. Several researches reveal that men are more prone to falling prey to gout syndrome as compared to women. This is because of the disparity in lifestyle in men and women, and certain physical differences that causes uric acid formation in men more than many other women.

One of the most significant gout causes can be traced back to lifestyle factors and phenomenal changes in it in recent years. Improper diet and poor living habits in recent days has been one of the major gout causes in human body, especially men. Consumption of excessive alcohol, meat, seafood and other items rich in purine, fructose, protein and fatty acids causes excessive uric acid formation in the blood, and eventually gout disease. Moreover, the physical trauma and obesity are other essential causes of gout in human beings.

Certain medications and health conditions are also important causes of gout in humans, causing severe inflammation and recurring painful attacks. These essential causes of gout have to be identified and treated from its roots to eliminate such chances forever in future.

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