Gout Attack

You may not likely be able to appreciate what a gout attack is until you experience one; and just the way it sounds – it is an actual attack. Many medical experts actually consider gout as a severe kind of arthritis, and it is much more painful than arthritis. Many patients confessed to crying silently on their beds in the nights when the attack becomes so severe, and this suggests that gout attack could be very terrible to bear or undergo.

Gout usually occurs more among men than among women and it occurs among men within the usual ages of 50 and 70, but there have been cases where it occurs much earlier. Gout attack indicates that the sufferer may have an acute or chronic type of gout; in which case, acute gout is a gout affliction that occurs and heals within 3 months, and chronic gout lasts longer for more than 3 months and even up to years. What causes gout in the first place?

Hereditary factors have been identified as a contributory agent to the incidence of developing gout, and it has been seen to run in families, although that does not indicate that, everybody down the line must have it. Gout largely occurs when the body – liver and kidneys, cannot adequately process or eliminate the large amounts of uric acid in the body. In fact, uric acids form as a function of metabolic processes and the breakdown of food nutrients; this indicates that gout occurs largely because of poor diet. When the body forms large amounts of uric acid, it soon starts to crystallize around the big toes and around major body joints the knees, the elbows, and even the ankles.

The crystallization of uric acid in body joints naturally attracts the action of white blood cells, which go to fight the invasion at the points of the joints. There is usually a reaction between the uric acid crystals and the white blood cells, which seek to protect the body from infections, and these results in inflammations of the affected parts. With the stage set, you start to develop gout attack, which might range from mild to acute and to chronic.

Gout attack comes in forms of severe and prolonged inflammation of the affected parts. These attacks come in form of red inflammations, painful swellings, and soreness of the toes, the fingers, the knees, the ankles and the elbows among others. These attacks like arthritis pains may likely occur in the nights, and it may occur when there is a particular activity of the joints. Gout attack is usually very sharp and prolonged with great discomforts to the sufferer, and at other times, it could be very dull and mild; the pains could come very strong and disappear within hours. To stop these attacks, you have to take your medications and avoid anything triggering factors like eating foods rich in purines or drinking alcohol. You may also have to eat lots of cherries to inhibit the production of these uric acids, and you must drink lots of water to flush them out of the system.

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