Foods to Avoid for Gout Treatment

High levels of uric acid in the body can result in Gout, a disease similar to Arthritis. The excess of uric acid in the body can cause uric acid crystals to form internally. These uric acid crystals are deposited around the joints, and this causes the joints to erode and become inflamed. People suffering from Gout have to deal with sometimes-frequent attacks of intense pain around the affected areas. To treat Gout, the amount of uric acid must be reduced in the body. A change in diet is highly recommended for Gout patients. For Gout treatment, there are certain foods that must be avoided to reduce the amount of uric acid.

Foods to Avoid

Foods high in uric acid or that promote the production of uric acid should be avoided. Foods such as red meats, seafood, animal organs and shellfish should be avoided. Anchovies and mushrooms are amongst the foods to avoid as well. As for animal organs, liver, kidneys, and brains should not be eaten at all. Shellfish such as lobster and scallops should also be avoided. It is also best to limit the intake of fatty fish like tuna. In general, protein intake should be limited for Gout treatment. Many foods that are high in protein contribute to the production of uric acid. While the above-mentioned foods should especially be avoided, it is best to eat less meats and seafood in general. Other than proteins, limit foods that are high in sugar. Foods like sweets, candies, and pastries should be not be eaten often, if at all. White bread is not a good food for a Gout diet as well. As for drinks, any dairy that is consumed should be low fat dairy. In addition, the intake of alcohol should be lessened, if not eliminated entirely. It is also best to avoid any drinks that contain fructose or high fructose corn syrup. Alcohol has been shown to have a link to the increased amount of Gout attacks. To lessen the frequency of Gout attacks and lessen the intensity of the symptoms, one’s diet should be closely monitored for all of the above mentioned foods.

Foods Not to Avoid

To aid the progress of Gout treatment, healthier foods that are low in uric acid should be eaten. More fresh fruits and vegetables will provide great benefits. In addition, eating more whole grains and eating more legumes is recommended. Drinking tea brewed from burdock root or eating burdock root has been shown to cleanse the blood of any excess uric acid. One’s diet is extremely important to the treatment of Gout. Do not avoid leafy green vegetables and other vegetables. Replace sugary snacks with a snack of fruit. If the diet is changed for the better, the frequency of Gout attacks will be lessened, therefore making Gout easier to live with. A change in diet, along with medical treatment can make Gout attacks much less frequent, and reduce the uric acid levels in the body.

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