Foods That Help Treat Gout Disease

Apart from the belief that gout could be hereditary, it has been proved that gout is largely caused by the foods we eat and how our bodies process them. Now, if you eat foods that cause gout and your body is unfortunately unable to process the uric acids that are the results of the breakdown of the food you eat. What this means is that as much as gout is caused by the foods we eat, it can be cured or managed by the foods we also eat. What then is gout, how does it occur, and what are the symptoms and the treatment procedures?

Gout comes about when there are unprocessed uric acids in the body, and the crystallization of these uric acids causes painful swellings in joints of the body. When foods are broken down as a result of digestion, uric acid is produced, and the liver or the kidneys work to manage the levels of uric acid through neutralizing and eliminating them, but when these body organs can eliminate uric acid then it becomes very abundant to cause its crystallization around body joints and in the big toes. This crystallization causes pains and inflammation when it reacts to the defense of the body’s mechanisms, and there is redness, tenderness and many discomforts.

Foods that cause gout or increase the likelihood or developing gout are called gout foods, and you will be able to commence on a practical gout treatment when you know the gout foods to avoid. When you eat red meat and other fast foods from fast food joints, you are likely to develop gout because of the fats and cholesterol in these foods. When you eat veggies like spinach, beetroot and broccoli among others, you are also likely to increase the incidence of gout; and when you eat gout foods like sardines, mackerel and trout you may come down with gout. There are other gout foods along the line but your doctor would be able to guide you on what to eat and what not to eat as he goes ahead to give you a very effective gout treatment procedure. Incidentally, many things we love to eat are gout foods and these are broken down to release uric acid that the body may process before eliminating it through excretion. But when the body through the kidneys and the liver cannot effectively process the body’s uric acid for elimination, then the uric acids crystallize and the next thing that happens is inflammation at the points of the crystallization.

You must generally avoid red meat and do away with any fatty or fast foods, and when you want to go for gout treatment, speaking with your nutritionist would help a lot. Gout treatment comes in various forms, but proper diet is the most essential means for long-lasting results. Your doctor would help you out here but you must be faithful to strictly follow your diet so that you don’t defeat your gout treatment program. The more you avoid gout foods in your gout treatment program, the more success you record in your effective treatment of gout.

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