Foods for Gout

Gout was once considered an ancient disease, but now sufferers of Gout are increasing significantly. Gout is a disease caused by the increased levels of uric acid in the body. The higher levels of uric acid result in the deposition of uric acid within the body, especially around the joints. Over time, the uric acid crystals build up around the joints and cause pain, inflammation, and eventual erosion of the joints. The high levels of uric acid are greatly affected by one’s diet. Certain foods increase the amount of uric acid in the body. To lessen Gout attacks and prevent the possible future occurrence of Gout, it is eating a diet that consists of foods for Gout is recommended.

The main symptoms of Gout are inflammation of the joints, intense pain in the affected area, and swelling and redness of the affected area. The symptoms come and go in what are called “attacks”. Most Gout sufferers experience attacks during which they must handle the increased amount of pain. Otherwise, little if no pain is experienced outside of the attacks. To lessen the occurrences of these attacks, it is recommended that people who have Gout adapt a special diet and eat foods for Gout. There are certain foods that will increase the uric acid levels, making the attacks more frequent. However, other foods will lessen the frequency of the attacks and make Gout easier to live with.

Foods that increase the levels of uric acid are red meat, animal organs, seafood, and mushrooms. Foods that are high in proteins should be avoided. Any animal organs like kidney, liver and brains should not be eaten. Shellfish like lobster and scallops should be limited in intake. It is also better to avoid fatty fish like tuna. Aside from foods low in uric acid, the diet should include foods that are low in purines. To lessen the occurrence of Gout attacks, meats all together should be eaten in lesser amounts, especially the ones specified.

In addition, alcohol is known to increase the occurrence of Gout attacks. Drinks containing fructose can do the same. It is best to drink water on a regular basis. Water helps to remove the uric acid from the body. If dairy is to be consumed, it should be non-fat dairy. Some studies have shown that the consumption of coffee aids in the decline of Gout attacks. Finally, high sugar intake is bad for Gout. Eating foods high in sugar will certainly cause more Gout attacks.

With Gout, a diet with many vegetable foods should be eaten. Eating more fruits and whole grains is very beneficial to those who have Gout. Eating foods low in purines and uric acid can also prevent the possible development of Gout in someone who does not have it. Eating more foods for Gout will not only aid the general health, but it will aid in the management of Gout symptoms. By changing one’s diet, the disease can become more manageable and tolerable, with fewer instances of Gout attacks.

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