Common Gout Treatment

Gout is undeniably painful. Those who are suffering from gout experience swelling and inflammation of joints which cause pain that may last for quite some time. Gout may be caused by the food we eat or at times may be caused by hereditary factors. Yes, it is hereditary. It is not contagious, though. If your parents have gout, then you have 20 percent chance of developing it.

Painful attacks of gout may be triggered by a sudden change in the uric acid levels which may be caused by excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, eating too much red meat and internal organs. Gender and age factors also contribute to the development of gout. There are more chances that men develop gout than women. Being overweight is also one reason for having gout as there becomes more tissue in the body available for breakdown which leads to excessive production of uric acid.

The reasons for gout stated above are just some of the numerous factors affecting the development of the said illness. In order to find effective gout treatments, it is important for gout patients to understand first their condition and what causes it. It is then after this knowledge that they find effective means for cure.

Knowing that gout is caused by excessive uric acid in the body which crystallizes in the different joints in our body, therefore causing pain and inflammation, gout patients should undertake the following common gout treatments:

  1. Avoid eating purine-rich foods such as meat, oatmeal, tuna, spinach, crab, lobster, and ham; they contribute to the production of uric acid in the body. Paying attention to what you eat may help reduce the risk of gout. Remember that food plays a very crucial role in the different processes of the body.
  2. To stop painful gout attacks, the doctor might prescribe medicines like corticosteroids or other anti-inflammatory medicine. Dosage of this medicine should be closely followed as prescribed by the doctor to avoid unnecessary side effects.
  3. Gout patients can also take natural supplements and natural gout treatment such as:
    1. Fresh cherries – Eating an ample amount of fresh cherries every day relieves gout symptoms because it contains certain enzymes which neutralize uric acid in the body.
    2. Devil’s claw – This is a kind of plant which heals muscle pains, arthritis, gout, chest pain, migraine, and even fever. The roots and tubers of this plant are used for medicine. It is a natural cleansing agent that lowers uric acid. Its dried extract should be taken thrice a day.
    3. Ginger – Soaking the affected part (especially the toes and feet) in 1/3 cup of ground ginger mixed in water is a common gout treatment. It enables sweating and therefore eliminating uric acid from the body.
    4. Grapes – Eating grapes will also neutralize the presence of uric acid in the body because of the fruit’s alkaline properties.
    5. Doctors may advice gout patients to take Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for relief in inflammation and pain, but these have no effect on the amount of uric acid in the body for long lasting gout treatment.

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