Colchicine for Gout

Gout as a form of arthritic condition can appear in anybody irrespective of the age and body type; however the disease is found frequenting men of more than middle age and some women in their post-menopausal state. The existence of gout is an old one and since its initial years of emergence till today, Colchicine for gout is being considered as one of the oldest and most conventional remedy from gout attacks and pains. Colchicine used for gout is basically extracted from a bulb of a flower and thus can be taken as a natural or herbal drug. Nevertheless, its being extracted from a flower does not free it from the infamy it acquired for being highly toxic in nature and thus Colchicine for gout should be prescribed to patients whose body resistance and type can cope up with the side effects like severe nausea, vomiting and abdominal pains.

Not that the excruciating bouts of gout is any less painful and disappointing than those disturbed abdominal symptoms, but in every case, Colchicine used for gout is still preferred by maximum numbers of doctors which is being used for over 2000 years as an effective treatment of gout. However, in many cases, the recent medical practitioners do either completely ward off the usage of Colchicine for gout or prescribe an unhealthy dosage of drug which leads to several negative side effects and abdominal problems which leads to infamy of this drug, regardless of its ready and rapid action against the symptoms of gout and its pain. These problems occur mainly because the doctors still fail to understand the efficacy of the perfect dosage of Colchicine for gout and in haste prescribe more than needed consumption of the same which induces diarrhea, nausea and other stomach-troubles. Regardless of its toxicity and side effects which can be avoided by sensible consumption of the drug, Colchicine used for gout is still regarded as the first line drug by many doctors for treating severe and chronic symptoms of gout accompanying with excruciating pain. Colchicine for gout is undoubtedly a medicine which according to the old saying “makes the patient run before he starts to walk’, but the fact that it is toxic cannot be avoided and thus one should be very careful about the dosage and regularity of the intake which should not be more than thrice or four times in a day starting from the first bout of gout pain.

And this newer and less negative method of Colchicine used for gout consumption is known to but very few of doctors who often prescribe misleading dosage leading to adverse and strong side effects and repercussions. With the advent of newer and latest over-the-shelf drugs meant to cure gouts like NSAIDs and Corticosteroids, the importance of Colchicine for gout treatment have diminished to some extent and more and more doctors are now relaying on prescribing the other substitutes. Nevertheless, Colchicine used for gout pain relief has its own share of toxicity, but in comparison to NSAIDs and Corticosteroids, the drug still stand a better and less dangerous stance as the other alternatives like NSAIDs and Corticosteroids should never be prescribed to patients having heart troubles or gastronomical disorders and infections.

And this makes Colchicine used for gout still the first and most preferred first line drug for patients under emergency situations, wherein diagnosis of the physical state can wait as the side effects of Colchicine used for gout treatment are not as fatal as the side effects induced by the other two alternate drug categories can prove to be. Colchicine used for gout attacks can also prove to be very helpful while a patient is under a process of flushing out the uric acid off the body with the help of medications, dietary regime and proper diet, as during the process of flushing out, the uric acid level of the body fluctuates leading to pools and bouts of pain attacks and herein Colchicine used for gout can be used as ‘prophylaxis’ to treat those excruciating painful procedure. However, one should never forget the consequences of over dosage of Colchicines which can surely prove to be deadly and the same should also be avoided by patients having prior malfunctioning of kidney and liver or by patients having a lower count of white blood cells.

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