Colchicine for Gout Treatment

Using colchicine for gout treatment is not just beginning in the United States; it has been in used for many years ago even though the FDA just officially approved its use in 2009. It has been found to be a very strong oral drug for treating gout, but colchicine has not been found to be of much use in any other drugs or in treating any other forms of diseases. Colchicine is known to be extracted from the dried bulb and a seed of the autumn crocus plant and it has been found to be very effective in the treatment of gout-related swellings in body joints. The properties in this plant are considered very powerful and even poisonous, and must not be taken anyhow under any circumstances. The herb must not be consumed and no part of the plant must be eaten in any manner, unless you are under the supervision of a qualified alternative medicine practitioner.

Colchicine for gout treatment is usually packaged in the form of tablets and taken orally under strict medical prescriptions. How then does this medication work? It works by hindering white blood cells from reaching the points that have been attacked by gout, and thereby reducing pains and swellings in such points. For you to understand this better, let us explain it this way: gout usually develops when uric acid crystals form around the joint to cause gout in the region. Because of this infection in the body joints, the body’s immune system naturally sends white blood cells to fight the invasion but in the process of attacking the uric crystals, the region becomes highly inflamed and this results by pains and swellings. Therefore, pain and swelling occurs because the gout region is reacting to the attack of white blood cells on the uric crystals. How then does the colchicine work to reduce the incidence of gout in the body joints?

Colchicines are usually packed with another powerful agent into table forms. It works by hindering by hindering white blood cells from getting to the gout area and thereby preventing any pains and swellings, while releasing the other compound to deal with the gout and destroy the crystals. Colchicine in the treatment of gout has been found to be very powerful and effective indeed, and it has healed many acute and chronic gout. However, you must not be carried away with the effectiveness of colchicine in gout treatment to the point of using it without supervision or even overusing it – it is very lethal and it could cause death in unmonitored circumstances. It must never be used when you have very low white blood cells, and you must not use it when you are very elderly and old. Pregnant and lactating women must also never use medications containing colchicine for gout treatment, and you must never take it when you are found to react or be allergic to any compound contained in the tablet.

There are very acute side effects when you overtake this tablet for the treatment of your gout, and these could easily get out of hand. There could be drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and itching among others; and there could be kidney and liver damage, abdominal pains, internal bleeding, blood poisoning, muscle weakness, hair loss and tingling sensations in hand and feet, and there could be death.

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