Chinese Remedies For Gout

Chinese remedies for gout have been proved to work, and it continues to be used as a form of alternative therapy in the treatment of gout disease. Chinese medicines have been known to work all through the ages, and it continues to gain wider reputation in the treatment of diverse diseases, and not least among this is the gout disease. The use of Chinese remedies for gout comes in various forms, and it spans from acupuncture to the use of special Chinese herbs to treat this condition. Before you should use acupuncture or any Chinese herbs to treat your gout condition, you must be certain to consult a qualified medical or alternative doctor in Chinese medicine, and strictly follow their orders in order to maximize the use of these alternative gout remedies. What then are those things you ought to know about gout?

Gout is a disease that is very similar to arthritis, and it causes as much pains as arthritis itself. In fact, many people who suffer from gout believe that gout is more terrible than arthritis, and that it is more demobilizing. Gout could be chronic and it could be acute in nature, depending on the severity of the pains and how long it lasts before disappearing following treatments. It is acute when it lasts for as much as 3 months before disappearing and it is chronic when it lasts from 3 months to 1 year and beyond. Gout has a lesser incidence among women even though the reason for this is not known, but the fact is that it affects more men than women. While gout can be caused through the food we eat and some other factors, it has been found that there are some hereditary factors that can contribute to it. When your father or grandfather has gout, it is likely that someone down the family line may come up with gout especially if this person has a poor diet habit.

To use Chinese remedies for gout, you can visit a qualified Chinese expert in the art of acupuncture to help you out and this works by relieving you of pains and swellings through the use of needles inserted into the affected parts. The needles are known to work through the magnetic fields in the parts affected by gout, and after some time, you see a dramatic change in your gout condition. Also, there are Chinese remedies for gout that work through the use of special herbs that contain properties known to help toward healing anyone of gout. Some of the herbs than can be used to treat gout are dandelion, burdock root and ermiao wan.

Dandelion is an herb that can be made into a tea and it can also be made into a poultice to be rubbed on the affected part. Dandelion works by acting as a diuretic and by stimulating the excretion of more urine through which uric acids can be passed out of the body to aid in the Chinese remedies for gout.

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