Celery Seeds for Gout

While the number of home remedies for gout seems to spring up every day on the internet, one natural substance that is gaining some traction is celery seed. While the use of celery seed in the West is relatively little known, it has been a part of herbal medicine for thousands of years. And while there have been no documented studies that show the direct benefits of celery seed to combating the effects of gout, there is enough anecdotal evidence plus the known effects that celery seed has on the human body that make it worthy of more study.

The proponents of celery seed point to two examples of what it does to the body that helps fight off the effects of gout. Celery seed has some anti-inflammatory qualities such as with other herbal medicines, most notably ginger. Plus, celery seed is also a diuretic which helps to flush excessive water and subsequently help the kidney remove more waste products from the body.

The second aspect of celery seed’s effect on the body is what gives some researchers credence into believing that celery seed may have a positive effect on combating the effects of gout on the body. An attack of gout is essentially when too much uric acid has built up in the blood stream. Normally, the kidneys flush away all the waste products in the blood, sending them to the bladder where they are passed from the body in the form of urine.

But when the kidneys cannot remove enough of the uric acid, it seeps out of the blood stream and generally settles in the lower areas of the body, most notably the feet, ankles and knees where it gathers in the joints. Once enough uric acid has gathered in particular joint it begins to crystallize causing inflammation, loss of joint mobility and great pain. This hardening process generally takes place in a five to ten day period when the uric acid is then broken down away from the joints and returns to the blood stream.

The diuretic effects of celery seed combined with the consumption of more water can help flush additional amounts of uric acid from the body. The dilution of the uric acid due to the water combined with the diuretic qualities of celery seed can help the kidneys remove greater quantities of uric acid. Combined with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, this process can greatly reduce the attacks of gout.

Care must be taken in that the right amount of celery seed is ingested. Some people may be allergic to celery seed and not know it previously because they have never encountered it before. In such case, a severe reaction may occur if a great quantity of celery seed is ingested into the body. Care must be taken to start with very small amounts at first to gauge whether the person is allergic or not without risking a severe reaction.

Pregnant women should also avoid using celery seed as well as those who are experiencing kidney inflammation. As with any new drug or herb, it is recommended that you consult with your physician first before taking any celery seed.


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