What is Gout??

With so much hype and significance of effective gout treatment in recent years, you must be wondering what is gout?? While there have been important and successful researches on acute gout syndrome all across the world, such research essentially helps in understanding ‘what is gout’, the important symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and dietary controls.

Gout is an acute metabolic disease in the human body that is caused due to the increased formation of uric acid in the blood, and inability to remove such excessive production from the body. Understanding what gout is needs essential insight to the reasons behind such excess uric acid formation in the blood, and the subsequent repercussions on the body. Uric acid is naturally formed into the body with consumption of certain food items that are rich in protein, purine and fat. Such uric acid amount is generally flushed away with urine in the normal course of the body causing no repercussions. However, when the body fails to correctly process the high protein and purine intake properly, it leads to an increase in uric acid in the body. Sometimes due to kidney malfunctioning, such excessive uric acid cannot be removed from the body also. As such, the excess uric acid, unable to be processed out of the body, accumulates within the body itself causing severe health issues.

Now, understanding what gout is, it is essentially a severe,medical syndrome where the long standing, escalated level of uric acid in the blood causes it to accumulate around certain joints and tissues of the body. Such uric acid crystals when comes into contact with white blood cells causes extreme pain and red, hot inflammation in the joint parts. This is the early symptom in knowing what gout is. Such swollen tenderness and acute painful attacks can lead to chronic arthritis if not treated properly at the earliest. Escalated uric acid levels can also lead to precipitation of the uric acid crystals in the kidney, causing kidney stones as well. As such, it is highly important to understand what gout is at the preliminary level, and follow it with effective treatment procedure.

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculo-Skeletal Disease, almost 275 out of 100,000 people suffers from intense gout disease all over the world. Moreover, men are more prone in developing gout syndrome than most women. This is essentially because of the differences in lifestyle patterns in both men and women. In comprehending what is gout, it is significant to understand the lifestyle influences on gout disease and how to prevent it. Too much indulgence in alcohol, smoking and lack of a nutritional dietary habit, can essentially be the reasons behind elevated uric acid formation in the body, thus leading to acute gouty arthritis.

While understanding and analyzing what gout is, you must be aware that the preliminary episodes of gouty arthritis starts between the ages 40 to 50 in men, and generally after the menopause in women. However, such symptoms can be seen before menopause as well, but with menopause and hormonal imbalances, the situation worsens all the more. It is important to know what gout is because it can affect anybody, anytime, without any prior notice. However, analyzing the important gout symptoms and early diagnosis can promote knowledge on what gout is and how to prevent it. Gout is more of a rheumatic syndrome caused due to uric acid accumulation in the muscle joints. At a preliminary stage, it generally affects one or two body joints, but with subsequent attacks and inflammation, it gradually spreads across various joint parts like toe, ankle, knee, wrist, elbow or fingers.

While it is essential to understand what gout is, it is also important to know how it forms. Hyperuricemia, or excessive uric acid build-up, is the main cause behind severe gout syndrome. The excess uric acid deposits in the joints in sharp crystal forms that causes intense pain and swelling of that joint. The joint inflammatory attacks can occur suddenly and may last for few hours. It is more of a recurring attack and the intensity varies with each passing day.
Understanding what is gout, proper medication and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can help reduce the repercussions of gouty arthritis and severe inflammation.

Gout Cures

Gout is appearing to be one of the commonest ailments which are mostly affecting the men who have crossed their middle age and women at their post menopausal state but apart from that the search and necessities for gout cures make a point evident that the disease is as common amongst the youth as it is amongst the elder sufferers. The disease is majorly infamous being a kind of arthritic problem which leads to painful joints along with aching swelling and inflammations and immobility. All these symptoms and the resulting problems led by these have made the patients desperately seek for cures which would get them rid off the conditions and pains and most often we opt for rapid and ready cures and remedies.

When it comes to seeking effective and long-lasting gout cures, patients should first know about the nature, behavior, cause sand reasons which induce the disease and its presence in the body. The most apt and positive kinds of cures would act on the root of the problem and will follow a definite and progressive treatment regime which will bring forth the permanent and positive cures solutions and elimination of the disease. The first thing to know about the presence of gout in the body is the reason behind its existence as is played by the entity of uric acid and its excess in our blood which let it accumulates in the form of sharp crystals in the blood and in the joints leading to excruciating pains. Hence, perfect gout cures will include ways to deal with these problems as a whole by prescribing your certain ways of living, eating and medications which would lead to elimination of the roots of the worries.

To start with, patients should be sensible enough before choosing the right kinds of cures which will depend upon their body structure, type, reactions and side effects of the drugs and here, consulting a doctor is the best advice. One should remember the most important fact that treating gout at the earliest with the apt and most suitable cures will make the symptoms vanish in no time at all and thus one should be proactive enough to avoid ignoring the gout conditions. Before discussing the external gout cures, let us throw some lights upon our dietary habits and food consumption which can prove to be useful and significant gout cures in the long run. As a matter of fact, we should know that gout symptoms start showing as our body starts producing excess uric acid which then convert into sharp crystalline formations in the blood and in our joints which later starts paining due to the accumulation of the same.

Now, the most common cures should be able to either lessen and relief the pains and other symptoms happening due to the conditions or to reduce and eliminate the excess presence of uric acid from our body with the help of some internal physical mechanism induced by the formation of positive and natural chemicals in our body. In that matter, doctors prescribe 3 major ways of cures which include: 1) medications like the advised consumption of NASAIDs, Corticosteroids and Colchicine tablets and drugs to ease out excessive joint pains and aching symptoms, 2) suggestion about adopting purines-free diet and food habit and exclusion of alcohol and instead switching over to plant-based whole grains and vegetable meals rich in complex carbohydrates, 3) lifestyle changes like taking less mental and physical stress and tension, getting adequate sleep and leading a healthy lifestyle which should not get sedentary.

Apart from these cures which must be followed according to the doctor’s advices, one should also make sure to follow certain other gout cures formulae which prevent patients from putting stress and pressure in the affected area and ask them to keep the affected area away from injury and damage. Applying cold compress can also help to provide easy and fast relief from the pain and symptoms and gentle foot massage can also bring relief and comfort. Remember that gout is not a life-threatening situations and can get completely cured of in case one opt to get the most apt, realistic and permanent solution to treat the situation at the earliest wand that should surely include the consultation of a physician.

Gout Symptoms

The early gout symptoms can be noted with severe pains in the muscle joints, caused due to anomalous metabolism of uric acid in the blood and the tissues. It is an acute medical condition causing frequent attacks of severe inflammatory arthritis. With early diagnosis of the symptoms of gout, and proper treatment and exercise, such severe arthritis medical syndrome can be successfully cured.

Gout is an acute medical syndrome caused by the excess of uric acid formation in the tissues and blood cells. This leads to the formation of uric acid crystals in the fluids of tissues and joints causing recurrent attacks of severe joint inflammations. The early symptoms of gout are typically marked with red, hot, tender swollen joints, especially at the bottom of the big toe. If such early symptoms of gout are neglected, chronic gout disease can lead to not only inflammatory arthritis in the muscle joints and tissues, but also causes lumps of uric acids to accumulate in and around the muscle joints, kidney malfunction and also leading to kidney stones. Common gout symptoms become evident with extreme painful attacks in the muscles and joints causing heat and swelling of the joint tissues. Severe joint inflammatory attacks in gouty arthritis are caused with the white blood cells engulfing the uric acid crystals around the joint tissues and fluids, and releasing harmful chemicals that escalate joint inflammation. Such critical medical condition can damage the joint tissues forever, almost causing physical disability.

However, with early detection of the essential gout symptoms, and triggering the issue through effective medication, dietary control and proper exercises, gout can be essentially treated from the roots. It is important to understand and analyze the symptoms of gout properly and consult the doctor for proper treatment at the earliest level only.

The preliminary symptoms of gout are marked with red, hot, tender swelling of the big toes tissues, and are the most common signs of acute gouty arthritis. Such severe inflammation and acute pain at the base of the big toe is medically termed as podagra. It is a severe pinching painful attack that causes the tissues to become numb for the time being. Such symptoms of gout can be felt on a regular basis, and become unbearable with due course of time. The other joint muscles that are more prone to gout attacks are the fingers, ankle, elbow, wrist and knees. The tenderness and swelling of these joint tissues can be so intense that even a touch becomes unbearable for the patient. Such gout symptoms and attacks are noticed in a patient for an hour or two, with or without any proper medication. In certain cases, such attacks last for a week or two with recurrent inflammatory pain and other health issues.

The first few symptoms of gout can be noticed in just one or two body muscles, but with frequent attacks and prolonged non-treatment, such symptoms can also become evident in multiple joints causing serious health issues and complete physical disability as well. The initial symptoms of gout and attacks are generally seen during the night, which is often confused as a dislocated or broken toe. Whatever be the circumstances, such prior tingling sensations in the muscle joints needs to be consulted with the doctor at the earliest. Kidney stones and malfunctions are other serious symptoms of gout that require early consultation and treatment. With early diagnosis of the uric acid crystals on the outer part of the joints like the elbow, fingers, earlobe, ankle and other tissues, such crystals can be removed with a needle for further medical examination.

Sometimes the preliminary symptoms of gout cannot be properly diagnosed, and can be confused with muscle sprain, infections or other illness. Such confusion and negligence can essentially worsen the situation, as in most cases such painful attacks are supposed to be caused by sprain or an injury, and are generally neglected with only some preliminary self-prescribed medication. However, if the pain and swollenness persists for a week or two, it needs immediate medical consultation and proper treatment at the earliest.

With any of the early gout symptoms like red swelling around the joints, excruciating painful attacks, numbness of the tissues and inability to move, can be marked as essential gout syndrome, and needs proper medication and dietary controls.

Gout Diet Menu

If you are not really aware of the specific causes of gout, you should be concerned about the same because a majority of people actually do not have much knowledge of the same until they will suffer from it. It is probably true that a gout diet menu is something that they are becoming familiar with for the first time. Gout is a condition where the uric acid levels increase in the blood and result in formation of crystals that gradually take the form of needle like structures that cause pain.

This condition occurs when the kidneys lose their ability to flush out excess uric acid from the body and it gets deposited in blood. It is impossible to avoid the entire production of uric acid but simply because it is one of the inbuilt body processes that occurs in the digestive system with the breaking up of chemical compounds being broken down into uric acid as a derivative. Usually, the kinds of food that we consume contains different levels of purine and a typical diet menu should always contain low levels of purine and if you are able to maintain a low uric acid content in blood, you will be able to avoid the formation of uric acid crystals that get deposited in the joints causing pain and inflammation.

Successful Tips for Gout Diet

According to the guidelines of gout diet menu that is devised by American Medical Association, it is necessary to make sure that the gout diet many includes the following:

– Increased Quantities of complex carbohydrates such as high fiber grains, vegetables, high fiber cereals and fruits.

– Reduced quantities of protein out of which only fifteen percent comes from lean meats, soya bean and poultry products.

– Only thirty percent of calories should come from fats out of which ten percent is being contributed by animal fats.

However, have you wondered how to prepare a gout diet menu by maintaining the above guidelines and what are the types of food that should be necessarily included in the menu of a patient suffering from gout attacks? You can check the foods that are listed below.

• All kinds of berries such as blueberry, strawberry and cherries.
• Fruits such as grapes, pineapple and banana and celery seed that are to be boiled in two cups of water and prepared like tea that is to be consumed throughout the day.
• Tomatoes and leafy vegetables such as parsley, kale and cabbage.
• All foods that include Vitamin C such as tangerines, oranges, mandarins, potatoes and red cabbage.
• The entire range of complex carbohydrates such as cereals, nuts, pasta and breads.
• About eight glasses of water per day along with fruit juices.
• Milk and other dairy products that is low in fat content such as yoghurt, cheese and milk.
• Beverages such as tea, cocoa and coffee.
• Omega 3 fatty acids that is present in fish and fish oils and also in plant sources such as flax seed and nuts.
• Consuming tofu instead of meat products.

A majority of people who suffer from gout are obese or overweight and it is necessary for them to lose weight because their bodies also contain excessive levels of carbohydrate. If you are obese, you should try to consider a diet menu for gout, which would help you to lose weight or you can consider a change in your dietary habits. All foods that are high in ‘purine’ such as sweetbreads, herring, bacon, liver, scallops and protein rich foods such as pork, poultry, meat, liver beef, pork and fish are also to be consumed in lesser quantities. You should also try to reduce the intake of soft drinks and it is necessary to read the ingredients of the drink before consuming them.It is necessary to perform exercises to remain in shape and one should continue to exercise but only by following the instructions of the physiotherapist.
In other words, following a gout diet menu is one of the most effective ways to prevent gout attacks and reduce weight and while you can reduce your weight to a large extent, it will also provide you with an avenue to remain healthy and happy.

Gout Arthritis

The primary reason behind gout arthritis is the accumulation of uric acid crystals in your blood that gets deposited in several body joints that leads to pain and swelling or inflammation. On the other hand the excess of uric acid levels in blood can be caused due to consumption of foods that are rich in purine and the people suffering from gout attacks should try to stick to diets that re low in purine in order to prevent gout attacks and subsequently gout arthritis.

The purine rich foods comprises of meats from the organs such as kidney and liver and also in some types of fish such as salmon and sardines. In addition to this, alcoholic drinks such as beer are also known to be rich in purine and should be best avoided by a person suffering from gout arthritis because it contains yeast. Lastly, you should also try to reduce the consumption of tea and coffee or avoid them if possible. Instead you should try to increase the water intake to flush out excess uric acid levels in the body. In short, those who are suffering from gout arthritis should try to avoid foods that are high in purine and turn to foods that are low in purine content. Lets us take know about some of those foods that are low in purine content:

• You can try to consume fresh and green vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce and others such as potatoes, tomatoes and capsicum.

• Foods those are rich in fiber and water such as cherries, bananas that are rich in potassium, pineapples and oranges and strawberries.

• Plant proteins can also be very effective such as soya-beans, nuts, peanut butter and tofu. p
• Cereals such as whole grain wheat and brown rice are also low in purine content.

Moreover, there are several nutritional supplements that are to be consumed by the patients of gout arthritis or to prevent the same.

• Apple cider vinegar is very effective because it creates an alkaline surrounding in the body system and helps to reduce or prevent gout attacks.

• The Omega 3 fatty acids that helps to control the production of leuko-trienes which in turn helps to reduce inflammation in the body due to gout attacks. In addition to fish, this ingredient can also be acquired from plant sources such as flaxseed and walnut.

• Celery seeds are useful and reduce the content of uric acid level in blood and for this, you will have to boil one tablespoon of celery seeds in two cups of water to prepare this drink like tea and consume it during different times of the day.

• Cod liver oil is also high in vitamin A and helps to keep the kidneys healthy and prevents the built up of uric acid inside the body. Consuming one teaspoon daily can help to prevent gout arthritis.

• Cherry juice can also reduce the swelling and inflammation that commonly occurs in gout arthritis and it is good enough to consume concentrated cherry juice without water and taking it regularly can facilitate in the reduction of blood uric acid levels and subsequently prevent the attack of gout arthritis.

Gout is often referred to gout arthritis because it is directly related to arthritis. In other words, gout is one form of arthritis from amongst the hundreds that exist. In fact, it is viewed as one of the most painful from of arthritis and constitutes for five percent of all cases of arthritis. There are several symptoms of for this type of arthritis and some of them include redness, swelling, inflammation, stiffness, heat and pain that are most agonizing. Although, the symptoms can occur in any joint of the body but it is known to occur most in the big toe. The pain is caused by the uric acid crystals that get deposited in the joints and the surrounding tissues. The crystals resemble a needle and there are several needles like structures that results in enormous pain. These crystals are created in the blood due to abnormal levels of uric acid in blood. Although, there are several medicines that are prescribed by the doctors and help to reduce pain and inflammation in this disease, the natural remedies are very popular and known to reduce the pain without producing the side-effects.

Gout Pain Relief

Are you looking forward to gout pain relief? Baking soda can bring instant relief from this pain and you can stop using the prescription drugs that are known to cause several side-effects. It may seem unlikely but baking soda can actually bring relief from gout pain and it is also known to increase the efficacy of the non-steroidal drugs that are prescribed by the doctors to the patients of gout pain.

In other words, if you are suffering from acute gout pain and looking for relief, using baking soda is advantageous because of the following reasons:

• It helps to increase the fluids in the body system and flush out excess uric acid.
• Helps to improve the solubility of uric acid so that it can be expelled out of the body.
• Helps to dissolve the uric acid crystal and lessen the pain caused by the same.

You are required to add one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass that contains about eight ounces of water and this water should be drunk just before going to bed or immediately after you wake up. You can also drink more glasses f water containing baking soda throughout the day and in gaps of two to four hours between meals to experience relief. However, you must be careful not to consume more than four teaspoon of baking soda within a period of twenty four hours and the patients of gout should also try to stick to a diet that is low in sodium. This is because baking soda already contains sodium and you are required to cut off the level of salt from your diet. On the other hand, it is equally important to ask for the doctor’s advice if you are suffering from hypertension or other diseases of the heart. There are a lot of people who are suffering from gout pain and they have tried to experiment with this method for gout pain relief. If you are unable to manage the levels of uric acid in blood, you will have to suffer from recurring attacks of gout pain that often leads to disability of the joints and also leads to kidney problems.

There are many people who consume cherries for gout pain relief and cherries or juice of cherry can provide you with natural relief from gout pain. The drug based treatments are good enough but the side-effects of the same are terrible that have forced many people to turn towards natural remedies. According to Dr Ludwig Blau, consuming six to eight cherries daily can cure a person from this disease. In addition to this, several reports have indicated that cherries will not only help with gout pain relief but also help to reduce the inflammation and lower the levels of uric acid in blood. However, the number of cherries that one should consume is not constant and it ranges from seven to forty per day. This is perhaps because the intensity of the disease may vary in each person and also the rate of metabolism.

In fact, you will have to decide the number of cherries that you will need to consume and the number that is right for you. However, some search specialists have suggested that consuming thirty or forty cherries each day can make all the difference if you are looking forward towards pain relief. While consuming cherries can be effective, having cherry juice cab be better even because it is available in a more resolute form and it is known to be very effective during the time of gout attack and help the patients to experience gout pain relief. Cherries or juice of cherry can help the patients with gout painrelief but it is more important to analyze the root causes of this disease such as family history, dietary habits or stress etc that can lead to increased levels of uric acid in blood. It is important to take these factors into account because if you are not aware of the underlying causes of the disease, you may continue to suffer from recurrent attacks of gout and suffer from subsequent pain. Particularly gout pain in the big toe can be very agonizing and the patients often feel extreme difficulty to take out or wear their footwear. Natural remedies are always better than prescribed medicines because there are lesser side-effects.