Treatment for Gout

Treatment for gout becomes extremely important for people who have been suffering from the chronic conditions of gout including swelling, excruciating pain, tenderness and immobility of joints. However, the disease is nothing of life-threatening category, the pains and the problems associating with the same makes life nevertheless disappointing and movement impossible and thus doctors prescribe and suggest proper and apt gout treatment which would depend upon the patient’s severity, body type, reactions to medications, age and other physical factors. An exact and timely gout treatment allows the patient to escape its painful bouts and complicated conditions leading to unbearable aches and other debilitating symptoms.

While planning about a treatment for gout, generally a patient seeks either to get relief from the symptoms of gout attack or to prevent future bots and attacks of gout pains. The treatment for gout include two ways of treating gout; one can go for the home-base treatment for gout with the help of proper and genuine guidance and procedure including detoxification of the body, consumption of right diet and following a healthy regime of mediation, avoidance of certain foods and alcohol and maintaining the right body weight by in-taking the right kind and amount of foods, fruits, fluids and water. Another gout treatment includes medication based process advised by doctors who include consumption of certain medicines to check the conditions and symptoms of gout. The basic and commonest medicines used for the purpose of gout treatment are the following:

• Doctors often prescribe Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) to patients suffering from severe and painful bouts of gout attacks as it is considered to an effective treatment for gout in order to decrease the level of inflammation and pain. As an efficient gout treatment, NSAIDs like Diclofenac, Indometacin and Naproxen helps the patient to combat conditions like pains and swellings and tenderness of joints. NSAIDs as a treatment for gout are asked to consume by the patient in case he/she feels the attack of gout pain, but the drugs are never advisable for patients having kidney malfunctioning and other stomach disorders like ulcers, indigestion and bleeding etc. Hence, it is always advisable to follow your doctors’ prescription and advises followed by a proper diagnosis of your body before consuming this drug.

• Another form of gout treatment is consumption of a drug called Colchicine which can be used instead of NSAIDs, especially by people who are sensitive to the usage of NSAIDs and due to their disturbed stomach conditions. Colchicine as a gout treatment reduces the formation of uric acid crystals and thereby treating the conditions and symptoms of the same. However, Colchicine as a gout treatment is no longer used widely because of its negative side effects like vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain. Another thing to keep in mind about Colchicine usage is its poisonous nature if taken in high dose and this makes it most significant to consult your physician or doctor before consuming the drug. As a matter of fact, it is always recommendable to take and use these drugs only under medical supervision and guidance.

• In severe cases, wherein these above mentioned drugs and medications do not work, doctors prescribe the consumption of Corticosteroids which is kind of steroid used for the gout treatment at severe conditions. Although Corticosteroids are not meant for long-term usage, these provide pretty rapid relief from the gout pains and attacks. However the drug is associated with certain side effects like fluid retention in body, weight gain, osteoporosis, bruising, thinning of the skin and muscle weakness. The drugs must be avoided for patients suffering from the symptoms of diabetes and glaucoma and also by ailments like bone marrow disease, impaired liver and kidney function and cardiac diseases. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised to stay away from these drugs.

Apart from these medications prescribed by doctors and physicians, it is important for the gout patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle and activities like meditation, proper and timely food consumption, avoidance of foods and drinks and activities which can aggravate the gout conditions and nurturing a positive outlook to life and health can work wonders for gout patients.

Diet for Gout

The complications associated with gout like swelling, tenderness accompanied with immobility due to excruciating pain are known to patients and sufferers who have experienced the disease due to several reasons and causes and in most cases these are directly related to their diets and food and drinking habits. Hence a proper and balanced gout diet is advised to all men and women irrespective of age or gender, in order to fight and prevent the conditions leading to gout. The major significance of an apt diet for gout is bases on the fact that this painful aliment of the joints is a kind of arthritis which mainly occurs due to improper consumption of certain foods and alcohol which leads to misbalance of uric acid in the body and thus people who are suffering from the same or are prone to the same should be aware of the perfect gout diet which should include food which provides relief and prevention from the disease and foods which must be avoided to keep away from debilitating the conditions.

Health experts who have carried on long and in-depth research about ‘diet for gout’ have come out with their conclusion rightly that the disorder is found prominent in people who over indulge in consumption of meat, alcohol and seafood and thus a kind of dietary restriction is must to get relief from the painful gout attacks. That is the reason why most doctors apart from prescribing medicines and treatment procedures always suggest sticking to apt and proper gout diet which would help the process of relief to fasten up. Besides taking respite to a healthy regime of gout diet, patients must keep their body weight under control and should also maintain that the gout-affected areas are not out into pressure and stress. Before knowing about the suggested diet for gout, it is important to know the basic problems and instability which leads to the ailment. The entire complications of gout occur due to the unhealthy accumulation of formation of uric acid crystals in the blood which get collected in the joints.

Out body forms uric acid after breaking down the ‘purines’ which apart from presenting naturally in our body is also supplied by certain foods like mushrooms, asparagus, herring, organ meat and anchovies. Now a prescribed gout diet contains all the foods which naturally breaks down these uric acid clots from our joints and relief us from the conditions and at the same time the main purpose of the ‘gout diet ‘would be to keep us away from food and consumption which aggravate the conditions of gout. To optimize the effects of following the regime of gout diet, one should know that the diet is not only to help you maintain your weight and proper timing of food but the diet regime will also let you leave the habits of consuming foods rich in Purines which lead to formation of extra uric acid in the body.

Now the best way to follow the apt gout diet is to consume and drink plenty of fluid and fruit juices to flush out the toxins form your body and to completely stop the consumption of alcohol. Other advises which are included in a proper gout diet is to limit or eliminate consumption of meat, fish, poultry, sugar, high-fat foods and refined carbohydrates like candies, wheat bread and cakes. Instead a perfect gout diet should include more plant-based proteins like legumes and beans which will help you cut down your intake of saturated fats, low fat dairy products like skimmed milk and yogurt, and meals made of whole grains and vegetables apart from fruits rich in vitamin C. it is found that people who have been following a balanced and sorted out gout diet have always complained least about any kind of gout attacks and pains.

A healthy diet for gout will not only help you in checking your body weight and fitness level but will also let you fight the toxins which leads to accumulation of uric acids in your body which leads to pains and ailments like gouts and thus it is mostly suggested by doctors and experts that one should always check twice before consuming anything.

Gout Foods

Gout being a highly-stung and painful arthritic joint-based disease, must be cured and treated at the earliest because of its aftereffects like swelling, tenderness and excruciating aches in the affected areas. The disease was previously known to be the ‘disorder of the wealthy people’ as they were known to consume foods and liquor rich in animal protein and purines, which the laymen generally cannot afford. The term ‘gout foods’ can be considered having two opposite meanings which would include foods that causes gout attacks and complications as well as foods which can prevent the pains of gout or can provide relief. Before knowing the list of negative or positive foods, it is important for the patients to first analyze the conditions which lead to painful gout attacks and how the consumption of foods can either debilitate or treat the conditions, depending upon what one eats and avoids.

The condition of gouts occur when our body produces more uric acid than needed, which is again induced by consuming negative gout foods rich in Purines and animal proteins, and get the same mix up in our blood forming painful and piercing crystals which then gets accumulated in our joints causing pains and immobility. Certain negative gout foods which are rich in purines and proteins increase the formation of this uric acid in our body which ultimately leads to painful gout attacks. Now let us start with knowing the list of those foods which trigger pains and complications related to gouts and this way we can help ourselves form keeping away from these particular gout foods. As we already came to know that foods rich in purines and high-amount of protein ultimately leads to gout pains and aggravations, thus we should be aware of the names of those foods which we should avoid to keep away from gouts.

The negative foods include organ meats like hearts, kidneys, liver and stomach of animals, mussels, smelt, yeast, herring and sea foods like fishes known as sardines, salmon and etc. While dealing with foods and about their proper information, it has to be kept in mind that there are certain foods which contain a moderate amount of purines in them but at the same time are often considered healthy for human hearts and for other nutritional values. Hence, with certain conditions and restrictions and limitations one can consume gout foods with moderate purines-contents like anchovies, grouse, mutton, bacon, turkey, trout etc, provided the consumers should be aware of the consumption methods of goof foods which should stabilize and minimize the ill-effects of these foods. After knowing of the foods which are either highly or moderately rich in gout-triggering purines contents, let us now concentrate of the positive or healthy foods which either provides relief or treatment or both to the gout patients and their related pain.

The list of foods which should be consumed by gout patients include a variety of fruits rich in vitamin C like strawberries, cherries, oranges, apples, blueberries and red-blue berries, bananas, celeries, tomatoes, green salads including tomatoes, capsicums, carrots, cucumbers, fresh vegetables like parsley, cabbages, kale and all kinds of green leafy vegetables, pineapples, red cabbage, red bell peppers, tangerines, potatoes, low-fat dairy products and many others like chocolates and cocoa, flax seeds, nuts and whole grains meals, tofu and foods rich in complex carbohydrates like cereals, pasta, rice, breads etc, as well as beverages like tea, green tea and coffee. For people suffering form gout pains, it is essential to know that they should stick to a diet which allows them to detoxify their body off the uric acid, the amount of which in body should never increase.

Doctors and health experts suggesting proper and balanced diet and food habits for gout patients also harp on the increased and stable intake of water and fruit juices as the same flushes out the toxins and uric acid out of our bodies and thus in a similar way consumption of vitamin C too helps us fight gout and its symptoms and effects and in many cases it has been found that people who have just started to get affected with gout treated themselves in very few days with just the help of repeated consumption of citrus fruits and natural vitamin C.

Gout Home Remedies

Any kinds of pain in the joints or in the limbs can take an unbearable shape the state of being chronic and gout pain is one such arthritic condition wherein the patients’ joints get swelled up and inflamed recurrently accompanied with severe pain and immobility. The disease has been noted to have affected mostly men and women with post menopausal syndrome; however, it is also accompanied with disparate eating habits and over-indulgence in alcohol. The excruciating pains happening due to gout attack can actually lead to some really uneasy moments for the patients and thus home remedies can work wonder with their situations, as experts say that gout home remedies along with proper treatment and diet modulation can treat the bouts of pains due to gout and would keep the consequences under control. Let us then delve into some essential and important home remedies which can help the gout victims in dealing with the pain, swelling and tenderness with ease and efficiency.

As the disease is getting more and more common nowadays regardless of the age of the patients, gout home remedies are the most sought after way by most patients and gout sufferers. According to health experts gout is a condition that is triggered by unhealthy dietary habits and excessive alcohol consumption which leads to the disorder in uric acid formation and accumulation in body. Hence the best way to seek home remedies is to follow a healthy diet excluding food particles which can lead to a debilitated gout condition. Apart from the prescription medicines and external treatments and cures advised by the doctor, gout home remedies have proved to provide effective relief from the gout pains. The first of all home remedies that is often suggested to gout patients is to apply either cold or warmth pat on the area by using heating or cooling compresses in the affected area of the joints; alternating the application of hot or cold compresses in every 15 minutes, will alleviate the pain more effectively.

Another form of many home remedies is to have a foot bath with warm water mixed with extracts of ginger or Epsom salt. One can keep his/her foot immersed in the same for 30 minutes. Massaging your foot gently by pressing the area between the bottom of the big toe and the ball of the foot is another of all effective home remedies, which stimulates the painful area and eases out the same. One should be particular about the diet one have while suffering from gout problems and in-taking fruits rich in vitamin C like cherries and apples and bananas is considered as one of the best gout home remedies as it stabilizes and lowers the accumulation and ill-effects of uric acid in body. The compressed application of charcoal in the affected area of gout is one of the efficient home remedies which pull out the toxins form the body and the gout-area.

To form a bandage or a dressing out of the same one can mix half a cup of charcoal powder with few tablespoons of grounded flax seeds which then can be applied in the area after compressing the mixture. Another very good idea of all the home remedies is to apply the paste of mustard and wheat powder along mixed with some water in the gout affected area for some easy relief from the pain after leaving the same overnight. The mixture of a cup of vinegar with one teaspoon of pepper and some water is also considered as one of the effective home remedies. There are however various other factors which needs to be taken care of to optimize the good effects of home remedies and the patients or people prone to gout should be able to follow the health advice of keeping their weight under control and of keeping away from alcohol and foods which can cause to unhealthy accumulation of uric acid in the body which ultimately leads to gout pains and complications. One should also make sure to consume a healthy amount of fluids and fruit juices to flush out the toxins from the body. Last but not the least, diet and consumption should always be checked and consumed after doctor’s suggestion and advises.

Gout Remedies

The metabolic arthritis, or more popularly the gout, can be significantly treated with some effective remedies that, when complimented with proper medication and nutritional diet, can provide instant relief in inflammatory attacks and reduces the duration and frequency of such painful attacks in the future.

Gout, medically termed as metabolic arthritis, is a severe medical disorder syndrome in human body that is caused due to increased formation of uric acid in the blood. This generally causes extreme pain and inflammation in the tissues of the cartilage joints and tendons caused due to increased concentration of uric acid component flowing in the blood cells. The symptoms of gout are marked with red, swelling and intense pain in the joint areas, sometimes resulting into stiffness and numb. Such gouty arthritis attacks can occur at any joints of the body, especially at the base of the big toe, ankle, knees, elbow, earlobes, fingers and feet. There is no permanent treatment to gout arthritis, but with appropriate and regular prescribed medication, dietary controls and certain effective remedies can essentially provide great relief from the pain, and also eliminates the future chances of such acute gout attacks.

There are several effective gout remedies that can be used in curing the gout problems. While most of these remedies are provided by the medicines and drugs prescribed by the doctor, while there are certain other natural effective remedies that causes great relief and soothe. When treated medically, certain effective drugs like Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Corticosteroid are injected into the affected joint areas. This helps the pain to subside in few hours, and gradually eradicates within few weeks. A mild dosage of NSAID and Colchicine drug serves as wonders in effective gout remedies. Several other medicines and drugs like Allopurinol (Zyloprim), Pegloticase (Krystexxa), Febuxostat (Uloric), Fenofibrate (Tricor), Probenecid and Losartan (Hyzaar or Cozaar) are also used as effective gout remedies in treating the acute gout syndrome.

Apart from these, there are several other home effective gout remedies that treat and eradicate gout disease in a natural manner. Here are certain herbs and methods that improves metabolism and as such, acts as natural gout remedies:

• Yucca – This acts as one of the effective gout remedies in blood purification and reducing the toxin formation in the body. Yucca also helps in decomposition of the inorganic mineral components and other obstacles in the joint, thereby reducing the risk of gout and arthritis.

• Devil’sClaw – Devil’s claw is a natural source of anti-inflammation that causes quick relief from the joint inflammation pains and swellings. It also reduces the chances of future gout attacks and prevents recurrence by eradication of uric acid component from the body.

• Strawberry and cherries – Black cherry and raw strawberries are effective remedies towards reducing the increased uric acid levels in the body. Natural black cherry juice acts as a natural cure towards minimizing inflammation and swelling, and also provides soothing relief to the acute painful attacks.

• Nettle Tea – Nettle, either in tea format or in tinctures, are effective remedies for eliminating uric acid from the body, thereby preventing accumulation of such in the tissues of joints. It clears the excretion system, and essentially flushes out the urate from the body.

• Apple cider vinegar – Regularly drinking apple cider vinegar in un-distilled form, is one of the wondrous effective remedies that balance the pH level in the blood, thereby reducing the increased levels of uric acid formation in the blood. Simply add 2 to 3 teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, add a little honey to taste, and drink it at least 2-3 times per day. In other ways, you can add half to three cups in luke-warm water and bathe your foot or other joints with this fluid to give instant relief to the affected area.

• Epsom salt bath – A war, soothing Epsom salt bath is one of the most effective gout remedies in treating the affected area and provide relief and decreased inflammation. Add two to three teaspoons of Epsom salt in comfortable warm water, and immerse the affected joint for at least 30 minutes. In case of other body parts, a complete Epsom salt bath can cause extreme relief and effective treatment in gout syndrome.

Use these effective gout remedies and experience a more soothing relief and elimination of gout disease forever.

Symptoms of Gout

The preliminary symptoms of gout are marked with severe joint pains and visible bruises in and around the joint area. While these are the most visible and physically experienced symptoms of gout in human body, these are often misunderstood as muscle sprains and other infections. A persistent and recurring joint pain with severe inflammation and tenderness of the muscle joints are the common gout symptoms syndrome.

Body: Gout is a chronic human metabolism disorder that causes severe kidney dysfunction and accumulation of increased uric acid levels in the blood cells. This may be caused due to improper decomposition of the food content and purine chemical in the blood resulting into abnormal formation of uric acid in the body. When such excess uric acid amount cannot be removed out from the body due to kidney disorders, it tends to build up in and around the tissues and joint muscles, and even within the joint fluids. When the white blood cells comes in contact with these uric acid crystal formations around the joints, it is marked with the early gout symptoms causing intense pain and ret, hot swelling around the joint area.
The common symptoms of gout are generally similar to all patients, irrespective of the varied gout causes. These symptoms are more often recurring in nature and occur without any prior notice. Such symptoms of gout disease can be experienced most often during the night due to low body temperature at that time. These signs and symptoms generally continue for few hours, while recurring back frequently every week.

• Nodules – the preliminary symptoms of gout appears with uric acid nodules accumulating in the earlobes, elbows and hands. These are not as much painful, and are used as a diagnosis purpose.

• Acute joint pain – A gout patient can experience these early gout symptoms with excruciating painful attacks in various joint areas like the ankle, big toe, knees, elbow or fingers. Such pain is also described as a hot, tingling sensation in the affected areas. It is generally caused due to the inflammation of the fluid sac that gives a cushioned support to the joint tissues.

• Inflammation and red swollen joint area – As a part of the essential symptoms of gout, one may experience re, hot, tenderness in the joint area causing swelling and severe inflammatory attacks.

• Purplish or red skin color – Such inflammation and bruises can cause the affected to turn red or light purple in color. Such gout symptoms are often misunderstood as infections.

• Numbness and joint inflexibility – The affected joint area may become numb due to the swelling and inflammation, and it becomes difficult to move that particular body part. The pain becomes so unbearable that even a tender touch can cause extreme pain and soreness. If neglected and left untreated for days, such acute symptoms of gout can eventually lead to permanent disability in human beings.

• The joint inflammation attack goes away gradually – This is also one of the important symptoms of gout that the painful bout lasts for a few hours to few weeks if kept untreated.

• Peeling and itchy skin condition – As the gout pain subsides for the time being, the skin around the affected join becomes extremely itchy and can be peeled off causing more skin irritations.

• Fever – Some gout patients can experience high body temperatures as a part of gout symptoms disease. This is generally caused due to the unbearable pain and metabolism disbalance in the body, causing the temperatures to soar high. However, this is not one of the common gout symptoms.

• No gout symptoms – To much of the wonder, some patients do not experience any gout symptoms. As such, the disease goes untreated resulting into chronic gout arthritis.

These painful joint inflammation attacks and other symptoms of gout subside within an hour or two. However, if left untreated such symptoms can reoccur within a span of a week and continue on a prolonged basis. The gout symptoms are essential indication towards early diagnosis and proper and effective gout treatment at the earliest. Most often these symptoms are confused with similar other health conditions, and left unattended. This can lead to chronic arthritis and other serious health issues like kidney stones and other health disorders.