Tophi Gout

Tophi gout can be mistaken for normal gout, but it is actually a form of complicated gout. In fact, they are almost very similar in manifestation and the symptoms and causes are almost the same. So tophi gout is another form of gout in itself. Tophi gout usually occurs about 5 to 10 years after an individual has experienced the onset of gout, and it affects the toes and fingers, the knees and other major joints of the body. Continue reading Tophi Gout

Gout in Knee

Have you ever had any injury to your kneecap before…how did you feel? Could you walk or run with the knee injury, and could you rush off to work with it? Anyone can liken gout in knee disease to the foregoing questions. Gout in knee could be one of the very worst things to ever happen to anyone, and unless it is treated in due time, it can incapacitate a man beyond what could be imagined. Gout can attack any parts of the body, especially the joints and the big toes, but it can eventually spread to the knees if adequate care is not taken. Continue reading Gout in Knee