Avian Gout Treatment

Many diseases have come from organ disorders due to genetically developed foods. It is not necessary that bird diseases must occur in genetically modified birds, but it can also occur in pet birds. Avian Gout is disease that frequently found in birds. It is linked to arthritis, which occurs due to the metabolic disorder when amount of uric acid increases in the body. A body of a bird has a certain limit to form uric acid, and if this limit is exceeded which is generally due to their improper diet, the uric acid form precipitated crystals around the joints to cause gout.

The chief reason for avian gout is the usual amount of protein in their diet. Birds’ body needs protein but if large amount of protein is provided in meals, it forms unnecessary amount of uric acid, which eventually damages body tissues, kidney, wings and joints. The kidney is most vital organ of bird’s body, and id it is damaged, it leads to two kinds of gout. Visceral gout is caused when tissues of internal organs are damaged. The second kind of avian gout is articular gout, and birds experience a lot of pain in wings, legs and joints. These forms of gout can be diagnosed by physical symptoms and can be treated with precautions and bird foods along with the proper treatment by veterinarian.

Bird foods that contains high amount of calcium, vitamin D3, sodium bicarbonate, salt and protein should be avoided. Birds’ body needs these nutrition facts for their healthy survival so they cannot be entirely eliminated from their regular meals. Therefore, regular meals should involve increase on phosphorus and comparatively low amount these nutrients.

Low-protein bird’s foods are easily available in markets, which help to reduce uric acid from their bodies and help their metabolic system to get back to normal. But fresh foods are more helpful for the healing process.

Dehydration should also be considered. A considerable amount of water is absolutely important in the treatment. Water that is provided to the birds should be soft water and must not contain high amount of minerals. During viral vaccination and other treatments, a crucial analysis of medicine is needed. Antibiotics like gentamycin, sulfonamides and many others also caused gout. Sometimes birds are also affected by disinfectant sprays; therefore a careful examination for such sprays is needed.

Lack of vitamin A also caused gout. So, if you are feeding them bird food, you can read the amount of vitamin A under nutrition facts. Birds need a considerable amount of vitamin A that maintains their kidney filtration mechanism in proper order.

Feeding them foods that contain vitamin D could be dangerous for their health, so it is better to keep birds in sunlight for each day. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, and if they get it from the direct natural source, they won’t only get the exact amount of vitamin D, but they will also remain active.

Avian gout generally occurred in mature birds but it started earlier when they are immature. The gout affected birds usually avoid walking and act lazy. They face problem in walking due to the pain and swelling in their legs. They would prefer to sit on flat surface rather to climb on perch. So you can place their perch to save them from trouble and more pain until they are completely healed.


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