Alternative Treatment for Gout

Among the other forms of arthritis, gout is the most severe. It is the result of the excessive buildup of uric acid in the body particularly in the joints that may also lead to kidney stones. Once the uric acid builds up in the joints, it will cause severe pain. There are several drugs used for gout treatment but are only good in relieving symptoms. Likewise, the medications may cause mild to serious side effects that include liver toxicity. That is why, to avoid the side effects, you can consider using the alternative treatment for gout.

Not everyone has the financial ability to purchase the prescribed medication. Thus, using alternative treatment is the best option. Although most alternative treatments are safe to use, it is still necessary to consult first your doctor. In this way, the doctor can explain the risks and advantages associated with using alternative treatments. Likewise, the health provider can help in choosing the alternative treatment appropriate to your gout condition. On the other hand, alternative treatments should be combined with conventional medication in order to treat the condition completely.

Alternative Gout Treatment

1. Vitamin C – It contains strong uricosuric content similar to probenecid. It helps the kidney in getting rid uric acid from the body.

2. Cherry juice – This is one of the alternative gout treatments. Most sufferers testify about its usefulness because it contains flavonoids that serve as anti-inflammatory agent. Scientific studies revealed that flavonoid alleviates the soreness in the affected joints and at the same time reduce the level of uric acid.

3. Herbs – There are many herbs used as alternative gout treatment. Turmeric, chamomile, juniper, bundock, yucca and alfalfa are some of the herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes joint pains and neutralizes the uric acid level as well as stabilizes the blood acidity levels.

4. Cayenne pepper – It is deemed to be effective in treating gout. You can make a mixture of cayenne pepper with vinegar and water. The mixture is applied on the affected joints to relieve the soreness.

5. Baking soda – It is a popular alternative gout treatment as it controls the pain and at the same time helps the kidney in filtering the uric acid.  By drinking a mixture of baking soda the ph level of the urine is improved thus prevent kidney stone formation.

6. Celery seeds – Another effective gout treatment because it contains several types of anti-inflammatory properties. However, it is not recommended for gout patients that have kidney disease as well as for pregnant women.

On the other hand, if you are not sure in using alternative gout treatment, you should discuss it with your health provider. In this way, you can ensure that you are taking the right treatment. IN addition, never attempt taking any alternative treatment for gout without the approval of your doctor otherwise you may suffer the consequences. Indeed, there are many options of preventing the symptoms of gout. Likewise, if the symptoms are apparent there are possible ways to relieve the symptoms and prevent recurring gout attack.

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